14th November 2018

The Seal Of Covenant

Word From The Father

Out of every part of your body, the mouth is very important. The nose is important too because through it, the breath of life enters your body. As important as the nose, the mouth is more important because it does more work than the nose. As you breathe with your nose, you can also breathe with your mouth, but there’s a limit because it wasn’t meant for breathing. The mouth is meant for feeding and for speaking. Without food in your body, you cannot keep your Spirit alive. I created many food for you to eat, yet, there’s a limit. If you want to pick something out of your nose, you don’t just use any finger even though you have five in each hand. There’s a finger that fits for such purpose. Likewise, every part of your body has a distinctive work to do. As it is for a man, so it is for a woman. The body of a woman is different from that of a man because she has what a man doesn’t have, namely, the womb. This is where I Am going today. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Perfect Father. I hate sin, I hate evil because it’s an abomination to Me.

The womb is meant for only one thing, to carry baby. This is the house for another life. This part of a woman’s body is sacred, and it’s connected to the spiritual realm more than every other parts of her body. This is why it has just one entrance, and this entrance also serves as exit for the new life to come out. Many armies are positioned at the entrance, ready for battle at any time. The way I did it, nothing can overpower them at all. But these armies have one abomination, which is sin. Once a woman grants access for strangers to enter into her body, it is an abomination to her. This is why I seal up this entrance with blood, so that whoever will break this seal must first of all enter into a covenant with her and Me as a Witness, which is a blood covenant. Once this seal is removed, her body is opened to strangers. This is where the armies will begin to fight. It’s a spiritual battle.

If you engage in a battle, it’s either you win, or you lose. Once the strangers could overpower these armies, they – the armies become your enemies. This is why if any illness develops in this part of a woman’s body, it becomes incurable. But Satan has also opened your brain wide and showed you how you can remove this part of your body. Once this is removed, the entrance to your life is removed. And if you come back to live on this Earth again, you’ll become barren in your next life. I Am the Almighty God and My Word is final.

For a new life to come out of this part of a woman’s body, this is why a man is needed. There is also a part of a man’s body that fits into this part of your body. I made them both. This body part from both man and woman is very important and without it, no other life will come to this world. This one part of your body is sacred, only to be used for what it’s meant for. The greatest sin all of you commit everyday comes through this part of your body.

Out of every part of your body as a woman or your opposite which is a man, no other part should enter inside except that of the man, and not just any man but the one who lawfully removed your seal, which is the blood covenant between Me and you. That is all! Every other access you grant into it either out of your own body or that of a man or any other physical object is an abomination to this part of your body. And you don’t grant access to the wrong man except the one who enters into a blood covenant with you by removing the seal of blood I put there. Everything that differs from this will result into an incurable illness and no doctor can cure it. All of you should look into the world and find out the kind of illness that kills most women.

If you’ve made a mistake by removing this seal unlawfully, this is why I sent My Son to redeem your life. However, not every damage you cause to yourself has remedy. You have to live with it. This is why all of you must look into the world and judge by yourself. All the women that are giving birth to children unlawfully everywhere, now you know the kind of children they’re giving birth to. I Am a Holy Father and I Am not a wicked Father. All of you use your own hands to destroy yourself everyday. If I should judge you by what you’re doing, I will wipe all of you off in one day because all of you are wicked children. After you’ve used your hands to destroy yourself, you’ll begin to shed crocodile tears, crying and weeping, praying, disturbing My throne. Did I do you any arm by creating you? You do yourself arm by ignoring My Word and My Law. And any woman who grants access to just any man to enter her body commit grievous sin and if you fail to cry and pray to Me in your life time, so I could delete these strange spirits away from your body, because you’ve given your life to My Son, you’re going straight to Hellfire. I Am the Almighty God. No stranger will enter My rest.

My Emphasis

All things are lawful, but not all things help your Spirit to grow. Food is good for the body, but not all food is good for the body. The body of a woman is meant for a man to enter, but not for just any man, and not for every man. This part of a woman’s body is sacred, a holy place to the Father. From the beginning, the Father made a covenant with a woman that through her, His children will enter this world. This is why He put a seal of blood in her as a covenant between Them. The Father is a Holy Father and He will remain Holy forever.

As a young woman, if you value your life so much, you’ll listen to what I’m saying now. Once the seal in your body is removed unlawfully, you automatically open the door of hardship and poverty to your life. And this means, you give the key of your life to Satan and he can open and lock it as he wishes. When he dealt with Eve in the Garden, he knew what he did. In fact, he didn’t know that what he did was far more than what he even thought.

The womb of a woman is connected to the spiritual realm. Once an access is granted to a man, especially the wrong man, this triggers many spirits to act. And an act of a day could cause eternal damage to her life. Many women are dying silently today without any solution to their problem. Many of them have children but they don’t enjoy their children. Many are sick, and they can’t find cure. All because the seal of their life is removed unlawfully and by a strange man.

If you remember the woman with the issue of blood in the Book of Matthew 9:20–22, Mark 5:25–34, and Luke 8:43–48, this was her problem. When you’re eating what’s sweet, you forgot it’s also bitter. Because she granted access into her body for strange men to enter, a powerful demon entered her. As the demon was sucking her blood, he would vomit it, and this would result into physical bleeding. As advance the world is medically today, is it every sickness doctor can treat? Absolutely not! No human being has any power except the Father grants it. Even Lucifer himself still doesn’t understand fully how the spirits that works with him are programmed to work, and he will never know. The only Person who knows is the Father, not even Jesus Christ. Because Jesus Christ came to this Earth and conquered, this was why the Father gave Him access to many things. My name is Radiant Jesudairo and I will not tell you what I don’t know. Jesus Christ Himself told me that even though the Father gave Him everything, yet, the Father Himself must come down and teach me by Himself because He existed before Him. Though He came to this Earth and died, He never claim equality with His Father.

All of you women should be very careful whom you grant access of your body to. The most enjoyable thing between man and woman is what we’re talking about now, but there’s a limit. It’s like eating sweetness and bitterness at the same time. Sweetness, if it’s done lawfully, and bitterness, if it’s done unlawfully. If you pay a visit to Hellfire, the highest punishment they give to people is based on this subject. And anyone who wants to enter Heaven must make sure such spirit isn’t in him or her, else, there will be chaos.

As a godly woman, a virtuous woman, and a mother in the household of Jehovah God, you must teach yourself and teach your children all these things. Satan has opened many doors of freedom to suicidal to the children of the Father. And if you embrace it with your open arms, you know exactly where you’ll find yourself. If you hold a piece of cooked and hot yam or potato in the palm of your hand, you’ll tell people your story how foolish you are. The fire you started fifty years ago that you left unquenched may end up burning you to death tomorrow. This is how the issue of sin and Hellfire is. It is a dark matter indeed! Nobody sees it, and nobody believes it. It’s a dark matter. By the time it becomes a reality, you have no more the opportunity to quench it any longer. But I pray for you today that Holy Spirit will hold your heart tight in His hand, so it cannot slip away and allow Satan to use it for his own purpose in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father and His Son for forgiveness if I’ve removed my seal, the seal of covenant between me and Him unlawfully.
2) I will ask Jesus Christ to wash and sanctify me and my children with his blood.
3) I will live to teach the young ones how to keep their seal because it’s a seal of covenant between them and their Creator.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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