14th May 2018

The Food Of Demons

Word From The Father

Every set of creatures I created have their own food. As human being, I give you the plants of the field as food, and you can also eat clean animals as well. If you eat what you’re not supposed to eat, you commit sin automatically. No matter how delicious your meal may be, if it enters your stomach and your body processes it, you will excrete the rest away. The one you excrete from your body, though it’s an abomination for your body, yet, it’s food for some set of creatures. But as for demons, blood is their food. I Am the Almighty God. Sin is an abomination to Me.

Right from the beginning, I’ve been preaching against sin, and I’ll continue to preach it to all of you until I finally take this Earth away. Every sin all of you commit day by day is an abomination to your Spirit. As you keep doing that, you invite demons into your life. If they enter your life, what do you think they’ll eat? They’ll eat your blood. Though you’re alive, they’ll eat your glory because your glory is your life, and your life is in your blood.

Every punishment I inflicted upon My children was because of their sin. The major problem is that, whenever you invite them into your life, they will produce children in your body. And as you’re producing children, they share themselves into all your children. This is why the Earth is in turmoil today. If I don’t destroy some of them away, none of you would have been able to live on this Earth by now.

Every cry, every prayer all of you are praying because of what you’re passing through is because of your sin. I have no other message to preach to all of you than to stop committing sin. Fornication or adultery is not the only sin, though it’s the head of sin, but you commit sin in various ways, even unknowingly. I Am highly concern about your wellbeing and once you put your hands into what’s bigger than you, there is absolutely nothing I can do because I’ve set My rule right from the beginning.

My Emphasis

O that I have the heart of a child, who knows not his right from wrong. Because he knows not his right from wrong, sin is far away from him because his innocence is still intact. There is nothing the enemy can use against him.

No one is holy as the Almighty. No one is righteous as Him. If we do that which is acceptable in His sight, He’ll always be on our side. If evil and atrocity is far from our mind, if we wash our hands and heart clean from all manner of sin, nothing the adversary will use against us and our glory will remain intact.

The Master declared in the Book of John 14:30 while speaking to His Disciples before He was arrested that, “I will not speak much more with you, for the ruler of the world is coming, and he has nothing in Me.” O that I may boast as My Saviour whose hands and heart were clean even to the point of death. This alone distinguished Him from every soul that has ever walked the surface of this Earth. Even in our impurity of heart, the Saviour died for us, so that through His purity, our impurity could be made pure. Blessed be His holy name.

Therefore, beloved of the Most High, let us continually run an unblemished race as the Master through whom grace upon grace is bestowed upon us, so that what could have been very difficult for us to do was made easy through His suffering and death on the cross. Hallelujah! Amen.

My Task For Today

1) I will lean on the Father, His Son and Holy Spirit because I have no power of my own.
2) I will tread the Earth gently and carefully because it’s a dangerous ground.
3) I will seek the help of Holy Spirit daily, so I won’t fail in the journey.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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