14th June 2018

Rejoice Always

Word From Holy Spirit

What can any man do to you more than the one that was done to your Saviour? There’s no amount of hardship, humiliation and torment you’ll face that’s more than what your Saviour passed through. With everything He passed through, He took it with joy and the Father crowned Him. He is the example for you to follow in whatever circumstance you may find yourself. I Am Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. I Am the Great Revealer of Mysteries.

All of you don’t know how the Earth came into existence. You only found yourself here. Those who’ve chosen to follow Our ways must surrender all. You must give everything away because of Us. We own you and everything. We’re more than whatever you might have lost because of Us. We’ll give you everything back in hundredfold. All We want from you is to do Our will.

No matter what you’re going through, rejoice. Why should you rejoice? Because We own you. Nothing you’re going through that We don’t know. Everything in this life is spiritual. This is why all of you should count it for joy as long you have Us. We don’t leave Our project unfinished. Our project is not an abandoned project. We always make sure We accomplish Our mission.

Many of you are cut up between two worlds. You don’t know what to do. You’re confused in every area. We are not the author of confusion. We are your life and if you have Us, you have life. Nothing in this world can take you away from Us only if you hold on to Our Word. We love you and We’ll neither leave you nor forsake you. You’ll never eat the bread of sorrow.

Many of you are serving Us only by mouth. You’re serving Us because of what you want. Just a little temptation, you’re gone. Those who desire to eat with Us will empty their hands and wash their robe clean, ready to receive from Us. Whatever we give is perfect and permanent, and nothing can take it away from you.

My Emphasis

If we have faith in the Father and His Word, let us rejoice no matter what we may be going through. The Bible says in the Book of James 1:12 that, “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love Him.”

Yes, we’ve given our lives to Jesus Christ. Yes, we’ve confessed our sins. Yes, we’re serving the Father. Yes, we know the Word. However, all these don’t count when the enemy shows up. It’s the Spirit of the Father in us that’ll prevail. No one can boast of His faith if the Father is not with him. Yes, you may boast when the atmosphere gives you peace. There are times when the Father Himself will allow the enemies to have their way. But the assurance we have in the Father and His Son will make us conquer.

When the Father first appeared to me, He taught and reveal many mysteries to me. Things which He hasn’t revealed to any man since He created the Earth, He revealed to me. I remember at the initial stage, He told me that “My son, no matter what you pass through in this journey, don’t say the Father has abandoned you. Accept it and move on by faith. I Am always with you, and I’ll be with you till the end.” However, when the heat of the fire was too much, it’s only the power of the Father that kept me from death. Absolutely nothing I’ve not seen. No one knows what each day will bring. But we hold on to the Word and promises of the Father. This gives us hope when all hope seems gone.

Beloved, count everything for joy! Affliction will always arise, but if we hold on to the Father, we will always triumph in the end. Where was the Father when they conspired against Daniel and his friends? The Father was there. He knew and saw everything. But they all took every pain with joy. The Father in His infinite power proved Himself and they were rescued. Let us turn every negativity into positivity through the knowledge we’ve received through Christ our Lord. May the power of Him who called us out of darkness into His eternal light always stand by us and grant us victory as we continue faithfully in this journey.

My Task For Today

1) I will hold on to the Father and His Word because I know He’s always with me.
2) I will look beyond my situation because I have the assurance that everything will work out for my good.
3) I will meditate on the Word of the Father because through it I’ll draw strength for the journey.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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