14th July 2018


Word From The Father

If you take a piece of stone in your hand and shake it thoroughly, what sound will you hear? If you take a piece of metal and do the same thing, will you hear any sound coming out of it? Whoever wants to follow Me must be unshakeable because I, the Almighty God, Am Unshakeable God. No circumstance can scare Me away. I Am harder and stronger than the strongest iron or stone. None is My equal.

Nobody has power over evil except Me. And if I choose you, they always want to overpower you, they always want to break you. But if you know your Father, that He’s Unbreakable and Unbeatable Father, you’ll allow your heart to be in peace. I Am the Almighty God. I Am Jehovah the Man of War. I run not away from problem because I Am the Solution to every problem. Therefore, anyone who desires to walk with Me must have a heart of a lion.

Many of you cannot stand little test of life. Just a little problem that comes your way, you’ll melt like a cube of ice placed before fire. Who do you think I Am? Of what will you liken Me? You cannot compare Me with anything either in Heaven, or Earth, or underneath the Earth. I Am the Fire that consumes fire. No one can stand before Me because I Am the Originator. Anyone who wants to walk with Me must stand firm and be strong. No matter what comes your way, believe and know that your Father is more than able and capable to handle it.

Those who thought they have power, those who thought they’re wise, what did I do to them? Can you be more powerful than the Owner of everything? Even My own son that stood against Me because of what I created will never try it again the second time. I put him where He belonged. When I laid the foundation of My Kingdom, no one was there. I was all alone. I said to Myself, what should I do with all the powers. I decided to spread Myself around everywhere. This is what I did! This is why all of you exist. Anyone among you who think he’s great or wise is only wasting his time because I have the key to every life. No one can live without Me because I Am the Life of every creature both in Heaven and on Earth.

Many of you are facing many challenges of life. Some of you even contemplated suicide. This is why it’s better not to have any scar on your body. If you do, this is what the enemy will always capitalise upon to pull you back. Even though I forgive you, because the scar is there, they’ll always want to renew it. But if you believe in your Father, if you believe in your Great I Am That I Am, you’ll not trouble yourself. You’ll have a heart of a lion anywhere you go because I, your Father is greater than every lion. You’ll be unshakeable because I, your Father, Am Unshakeable Father.

My Emphasis

Those who’re called to work for the Father are like warriors. A warrior can stand and face any challenges that comes his way. A warrior is never afraid of death. A warrior believes he has power over everybody he sees until he meets another warrior whose power is greater than his power. But who can overpower us? For greater is the One who formed us out of nothing. He existed before all things and all things came out of Him. Without His power, nothing can exist. Therefore, no power could overpower us because we have the One who owns the ultimate power.

When Jesus came to this Earth, He faced many challenges as Human Being. Death is the end of every human being. Because He’s more of a Spirit than flesh, therefore, no death could have killed Him. The Father wanted Him to die, but death wouldn’t have killed Him. Any man in whom there’s no trace of sin can never die! He would have lived and lived as a Man on Earth. Even Adam and his children who sinned were still able to live almost a thousand years, how much more the One who committed no sin. The Father wants us to become more of a Spirit than flesh. Through this, nothing of this Earth can break us down.

When we’re faced with the challenges of life, we tend to blame the One who created us. Challenges come as a result of the things we’ve once put our hands in the past. As we decided to put those things behind us, because the trace of it is still there, therefore, the enemy capitalises upon it to pull us back. Though we’ve decided to move forward, but they’re there crying ‘no’. But Jesus Christ is greater and mightier than any power that wants to pull us back! Onward we go. Ahead to the battle of life. If we succumb to temptation, if we allow temptation to override us, we’ll be like a soldier who surrender in battle. But if we’re bold like a lion, we’ll face whatever comes our way. And with the help of the One who’s leading us, we’ll surely conquer and sing a song of victory. Hallelujah! Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will have boldness in whatever comes my way.
2) I will not allow anything of this Earth to pull me down.
3) I will forge ahead, following the One who leads me because I know that victory is waiting ahead.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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