14th December 2018

Stop Hurting Me

Word From The Father

If you committed any sin ignorantly, you’ll face the consequence. The fact that you committed it ignorantly doesn’t exempt you from being punished. In the time of old, My Father destroyed so many people even though they were ignorant of the sins they committed. Ignorant isn’t an excuse at all! Though you’re innocent of the sin you committed, My Father found another way to rescue you from facing eternal death. This was why I came. I Am Jesus Christ your Saviour. I Am the Alpha; I Am the Omega. I Am the Light of the world and the Light of life. I Am the Beginning, the Middle, and the Ending. I Am the Bright-Morning-Star. I Am the First and the Last. Every power in Heaven and on Earth has been given to Me. I came, I fought, and I finished the race.

If you could suffer the consequence of the sin you committed ignorantly, you have to know the punishment that’s attached to the one you committed willingly. All of you think it’s easy to atone for sin. No matter how much I atone for your sin, you’ll still face the consequence on this Earth so that your soul will not have to suffer in Hellfire. This is the purpose of My coming. My Father and I don’t want Our children to go to that horrible place – Hellfire. This was why He sacrificed Me for you, and I willingly gave up Myself because I love My Father, and I love you too. It was not easy! My son, look at Me, it’s not easy. I remember long time ago when I grew up under the bosom of My Father, I had no single mark on My body. Right from the time Lucifer did what he shouldn’t have done, this Earth hasn’t enjoyed a time of peace. The Earth has taken so much away from My Father, and it’s this same Earth that left these indelible marks on Me just because of all of you. This is why I will not forgive any of you who willingly stretch forth his hand to commit sin.

Can you atone for sin? I know what My Father did even before He could release Me to this Earth. It wasn’t easy for Him! He was worried because of Me. He was worried because if I don’t make it, that means all His work on this Earth is finished. My Father is happy because I returned to Him. He loves all His children, even Lucifer himself knows this. My Father loved him too, but because of what he put his hand, this was why My Father disown him. All of you think it’s easy to atone for your sin. I always feel the pains in My body especially when I want to atone for the Spirit of the dead.

All of you are serving Me, serving Me in flesh. You claim you’re for Me, but your hands are filthy. Everything My Father asked you not to do, this you love to do. He has set the rule right from the beginning and He cannot go against it just because of you. The best He could do for you was to sacrifice Me, which He did. Are you the owner of this Earth? Do you know the nature of demons? Are you the one that created them? Do you think My Father just asked Me to come down and die? All of you are going deeper in sin every day, including My servants. They are the worst! They are leading My children astray everywhere.

Those among you who want to come to Heaven, you must change your ways and your preaching immediately. I didn’t send you all the kind of messages you’re preaching and teaching My children. Why do you choose to be wicked? Heaven you will not enter, and you’ll not allow My children to enter? Go and confess all your sins immediately if you value your life. Go and confess all your sins immediately if you value Heaven. The clock of your life is ticking, and death can catch up with you at any time. If We give you the grace, that grace will soon expire. Go to your pulpit and carry your microphone and apologise to all My children you’ve led astray. Let them know you’re heading to Hellfire and that you’re leading them to Hellfire as well. If you can do this, I will forgive you. But if you fail to do this, terrible judgement is awaiting all of you. If you want to have peace on this Earth and thereafter, do Our will. My will and the will of My Father are one and the same. Holiness is Our will.

Read the full message at http://jesudairo.com/stop_hurting_Me.html

My Emphasis

All men are rejected because of sin, yet, the Father, out of His eternal love found another means of escape for all His children. The Bible says in the Book of Lamentations 3:31-32 that, “For the Lord will not reject forever, for if He causes grief, then He will have compassion according to His abundant lovingkindness.” This love He demonstrated physically by sacrificing Jesus Christ for every soul.

It is disheartening to see how the children of the Father go deeper and farther in sin every day. Because of sin, incurable illness is rocking the church of God, yet, Jesus Christ died for the church. If holiness is not preached, how will the children of the Father know how to channel their feet? How will they know what to do and not to do? This is why it’s very dangerous to call yourself a preacher these days. It’s better for you to be an ordinary church member so that you can listen to somebody who will preach holiness to you, so you can make Heaven. If you’re a preacher and you cannot preach holiness, you must know without doubt that Heaven is far away from you.

Jesus Christ our Master, when He came to this Earth, what kind of message did He preach? Did He pity the Jews? If He had pitied them, they wouldn’t have wanted to stone Him. Even in the midst of the horror that was going on in their heart, He stood His ground and didn’t stop preaching the truth. He didn’t preach so that the Jews could feel comfortable in their sin, rather, He constantly attack their Spirit with the sword and fire of holiness. This was why they didn’t feel comfortable anymore and they quickly conspired to kill Him.

It’s a dangerous thing to undermine the instruction of the One you’re working for, or the One you claim you serve. Every Law and Ordinance of the Father carries weight, and none should be thrown away. For any of you in this present generation to cross this Earth to Heaven, this is why you must go back to the Old Testament. It’s under must for those of you who want to go to Heaven to go back to the Old Testament because Satan has opened many doors to you so that you can feel comfortable in sin and you embraced everything with your open arms.

If you spend your time and money in going to the university and attend lectures, if your lecturer teaches you erroneously, that’s what you’ll know. When the time comes for the exam, will you pass? You will fail! But if the lecturer teaches you everything correctly and you fail to take all in or do revision, when the exam comes, you’ll definitely fail. This is how the journey of holiness is. Before the Father appeared to me, I’ve been a preacher. I was conducting deliverance for people and saw demons spoke through many, yet, I was still ignorant of many things. But when the Father came and began to teach me every mystery, my closed brain became opened. Until you receive the right information, every race you’re running will end in futility.

Billions of souls have come to this Earth and departed, yet, those who made it to the Father’s bosom are few. You have the choice to make either you want to do the will of the Father and His Son without minding what you’ll face or disobey Their will and end up in Hellfire. I can assure you with boldness that there’s no better life elsewhere than the life of the Father. I hereby pray for you this morning that Jesus Christ will cleanse your heart with His blood so that Satan will not continually drive it back and forth in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask Master for mercy if I’ve taken His death for granted.
2) I will make the right choice to follow the Him no matter what I face.
3) I will become an obstacle to sin from now henceforth.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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