14th April 2018

The Blood Of Christians

Word From The Father

The life of every creature lies in the blood. Blood is life that keep both humans and animals alive. Your blood works with the air that enters your body. If there is no air, your blood is dead. The life in your blood is the air that enters. I Am the Air that keeps you alive. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Breeze of life.

I created demons and I know what they eat. Blood is their food. In the time of old, I always use the blood of animals to appease them, so they wouldn’t trouble you. But all of you wouldn’t stop committing sin. You took the level of your sin to a higher level by sacrificing each other to your demon that you call god. What would I do as a Father? I gave what I loved most, so I could still have some of you back to Me. I gave My Precious Son for you. Did it stop you from committing sin? No; instead, you wallow deeper in sin every day.

If a demon is hungry, they go out to fetch for themselves, they would kill whatever is alive and feed on the blood. In most cases, they feed on the blood of human beings because the blood of human beings nourishes them more than the blood of animals. If there is no human being they could feed on, they would turn to animals. This is why you see some animals died a mysterious death on your streets.

Blood is more powerful than each other. Though all of you are human beings, but the Spirit I put in each of you differs. The Spirits are more powerful than each other. If demons kill a sinner, and they feed on his blood, the blood weigh them down because of his sin. But if demons could succeed in killing a Christian, the blood empowers them because of Jesus Christ. They gain more power to do evil. When I keep warning all of you to stop committing sin, you think you know more than Me. It’s your choice. If they succeed in killing you, you’ll face judgement. And if you pass, you’ll come to Heaven. However, your life, your mission on Earth will be shortened.

My Emphasis

The mystery of God is too massive and only those who’re privileged by Him know just a few. Sin is the food of demons and their number one target are Christians. Most accidents you see happened around you are not caused by any man, they’re caused by demons. And these demons live inside human beings. If they want to take drums of blood, they turn the heart of nations against each other. Some of the terrible killings in the time of old were caused by Satan and his demons.

If two brothers are quarrelling and they refuse to reconcile with each other, you must know the reason behind their quarrel is spiritual. As a third party, if you go there and try to reconcile them, if you’re not careful, you’ll become a prey. If you also make a mistake by joining one of them to fight the other, you use your own hands to draw fire that will consume you. Human beings are blind; they cannot see. Some nations will gather together against another nation without the spiritual knowledge of what transpired between them. They will end up bringing harm upon their own people.

As a Christian, you must learn to obey the voice of the Father, the Word of the Father at all cost. This is your life and you cannot run away from it. Always make sure your hands are clean all the time. Death can come at any time and if it comes, make sure you’ve prepared where you’ll have your rest.

My Task For Today

1) I will live my life in fear of the Father.
2) I will do my best to follow every righteousness.
3) I will allow Holy Spirit to lead me, and I will not give chance to anything to cut short my life and mission.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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