13th September 2018

Law Of Purchase

Word From The Father

If you want to build a house, you’ll first of all acquire the land. The land on which a house is built matters a lot because this is where you’ll live, not only you, you and your family. If the land is good, then you’ll have peace. If the land is bad and the money you’ll use to build the house is good, everything is bad automatically because without the land, you can’t build your house. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Owner of this Earth. Those who listen to My voice have peace.

Many of My children will call My servant to pray to their house after they’ve built it. It’s like praying for mercy after death. If My servant obeys My Word and he gets to your house, if he tells you to pull down the whole house, won’t you call him a wicked man? But if you have listened to My Word which he delivered to you, you would have saved yourself the impending calamity that followed.

Let Me give you an example. Four men owned a piece of land. Two of them planned together and sold the house to you. Though the money you paid was good money because you cheated nobody. Because the other two rightful owners were sidelined, you’ll never have peace if you build your house on the land. The spirits of the land know the rightful owners. The Spirit of those two men as well will be angry. This is where the trouble lies. You can lose all members of your family because of that land. But you cheaply fall a victim of your own ignorance because you take it for granted.

Let Me give you another example. Four men owned a piece of land. Three of them said they should sell the land ten-thousand pounds. The other one said they should sell it eleven-thousand pounds. Since he’s all alone in his choice, though unhappy, there’s nothing he could do. His Spirit knows he’s not happy. As long one of the owners is not happy, you’ll not have peace if you buy the land because the spirits of the land will trouble you. You can lose members of your family because of this.

If you could pass through torment simply because of unhappiness of the owners, how much more when you purchase a piece of land that was taken away from the rightful owner. Some people killed the rightful owner and took the land. Then you went and bought it. If you don’t lose your own life, you’ll be very lucky.

All these Laws I gave to Moses to give to My children in the time of old. The Spirit of human being is very powerful. If a man is not happy because of what belongs to him, then there’s chaos. And if he loses his life because of what belongs to him, whoever buys the land will face the consequence. He will face the same penalty as a man who bought a stolen property.

Today, all of you take all these for granted. This is why Satan is punishing all of you. He knows all the rules, and he’ll allow you to fall into his trap, so he can strike you. As Christians, I expect you to ask Me before making any decision especially where you’ll lay your head. If you fail to get it right, even though I rescue you when you cry to Me, the bruise may remain on you until you die.

When I said My servants shouldn’t work, I know what I was saying because I knew the kind of work I gave them to do. All of you think their work is easy. I Am the Owner of Spirits and dealing with Spirits is the hardest thing a man can do. Any of My servant who doesn’t put his heart in Me can lose his life because of the work. This is the most dangerous work for any man to do. I Am the Almighty God, I Am not a failure. If I call you to work for Me, I’ll also equip you. The most important thing is for you to run away from sin. Then you’ll have peace doing the work.

My Emphasis

Many Christians have lost their lives because of the choice they made. They died ignorantly! Many lived a better life before they built their own house. If you investigate properly, you’ll find out the money they used in building their house was genuine, not a sinful money. But what’s the cause of death around them? They could not tell. Unless the Father reveals, many people will be in the dark concerning many issues of life.

If you look at the ministry of Moses, it dealt with physical holiness. This was why the Father gave him the Law to give His children, so they could observe them. But the ministry of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ dealt with spiritual holiness. The Father gave the Law to His children and many of them didn’t understand why they shouldn’t do certain things. Even today, many Christians couldn’t understand why the Father gave all those Laws because they said it’s hard. And many people thought the coming of Jesus Christ has made live easier for them. Therefore, the Law became irrelevant. They didn’t know that spirits are behind every sin we commit.

If you read the Book of Exodus 22, the Father gave Moses the Law that governs property rights. This was physical. But if we’re to look at it deeper, in a spiritual perspective, you’ll be surprised the kind of revelation you’ll receive. At the initial stage, the Father wanted us to live our lives physically, not spiritually. When Satan continually lead the children of the Father farther in evil, the Father had no choice than to reveal Himself and He sealed it by releasing His own Son to die.

The place you lay your head matters a lot. If you read through Leviticus 14:34-57, the Father spoke of leprosy of properties. If there’s any trace of sin in the house, the physical sign is leprosy. And this kind of thing couldn’t be dealt with or taken lightly. It’s deep spiritual issue. In some houses, you’ll see something that appears in form of mould. This is not because of lack of ventilation, it’s a family of leprosy of the house. Because we live in the world where almost everybody doesn’t believe in spiritual issues, Satan capitalises on it to destroy many lives, including Christians. But if a true servant of the Father appears and tell them to move out, if they move out of the house, their predicament would disappear.

Beloved, let us not forsake the wisdom and knowledge which we’ve received. The Father loves us and doesn’t want any harm to befall us. This is why He always reveals the mysteries of the Earth to us, so we could know where to place our feet. Those who embrace this wisdom and knowledge wholeheartedly will live in peace. I pray that holy Spirit will continue to lead and guide your footsteps in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness if I failed in seeking His counsel before making any decision.
2) I will seek His counsel to know the way forward if I fall into this category.
3) I will ask the Father before purchasing anything.
4) I will live the rest of my life in fear of the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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