13th October 2018

Why I Keep You Alive

Word From The Father

You laboured and gathered money, acquired a large piece of land and cleared it, scattered all kinds of fruits on it so they could germinate and bear you fruits when the time comes. When it was time of harvest and you couldn’t see any good fruit to reap, what will you do? You will clear everything off and plant another one. The land is yours and you can do whatever you like on it. No one will arrest you for it because you’re the owner. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Creator. I Am the Owner of this Earth. Nothing and no one will take it away from Me.

When I surveyed the whole Earth, I couldn’t see any one that’s good. All of you are like rotten tomatoes. No one is good! Every seed that comes out of you takes after you. Like parents like children. This was why I cleared the Earth in the time of Noah. What happened to the ones I kept? They too destroyed the work of My hands. When I chose Abraham, I laid down the path he would tread. Didn’t he disappoint Me? He disappointed Me! He sowed evil seed into his blessing.

No matter how I choose you, you’re still flesh. For you and your generation to enjoy whatever I give to you, you must flee from sin. You’re the owner of your heart. I will not force you to do My will. You have the right to follow My will, you also have the right to abandon My will. But I keep all of you alive for just one reason, because I shed the blood of My Son. If I didn’t shed the blood of My Son, this Earth would have gone long time ago.

You’re not the first one to live here. I know how many times human beings have come to live here and I know what I did to each one of them. Any generation that didn’t meet My needs would be wiped off. I created them, and I can do away with them at any time. But as for you, you’re very lucky, very lucky because I killed My Son for you. I killed My Son for you, yet, you don’t value Him. If you value Him, you’ll sit down whenever I say you should sit down. If I say you should stand up, you’ll stand up no matter how long it takes. If I say you should wait for Me here, you’ll keep waiting until I return. When My Son told His followers that He’s coming back, how many years now? Where are they now? But they were waiting! Those who cleansed their heart and prepared it for His coming are now with Him in Heaven.

I have tried My best for all of you. Nothing I’ve not done for you to live in peace. I have done the ones I could do. If you have brain, if you want to live in peace, the ball is in your court. If you also want to live in pieces, it’s also in your hands. Whichever way you choose to live doesn’t cut My hands short. If I make My decision, none of you can influence My judgement. I only pity all of you and for the blood of My Son not to be a waste, this is why I still keep you alive. But for how long? This is the question all of you should ask yourselves.

My Emphasis

If a scientist is trying to perform an experiment, he’ll sit in his laboratory and do as his heart desires. Nobody can influence his judgement. He knows his vision and exactly what he wants to do. If he mixes nitrogen with hydrogen and the result isn’t what he wants, he’ll throw it away and start afresh. This is ordinary scientist, how much more the Almighty God, the Creator of the universe.

The major problem we have, the reason why the Earth degenerates to this stage is because many of us wants to help the Father. For example, the Father would call a man to start His church, He would lay down every Ordinance for him to follow. All about holiness, pure holiness. As time passes by, either he or the one after him will begin to dilute the Ordinance of the Father. For a start, it will look good, but after some years, the truth will come to the open.

The Father keeps us alive because of what He did two-thousand years ago. If not for that, the people of this Earth would have gone by now. I remember He told me that the longest generation that has ever lived on this Earth is the generation of Adam and Eve. Our generation is the longest that has ever lived here. However, whenever He wiped them off, He would always put the same Spirit of those He wiped off, so they could come back and live again, but the clean ones. This was why Adam has lived on this Earth several times.

Beloved, the secret and mystery of Jehovah God our Father is unfathomable. We can only know what He wants us to know and what He doesn’t want us to know, He’ll erase it from our memory. And besides, some revelations are meant for personal consumption while some are meant for the public. Whatever I publish or teach is just some percentage of what He’s taught and revealed to me because many hearts wouldn’t bear such immense revelation. I can only go a bit further with whosoever wishes to know more. This is how the Father Himself deals with us. Therefore, whatever you know, whatever you read here, let it be engraved into your Spirit and soul because it’s your life. You have only one life, which is the life of the Father. If you live the life of the Father, you’ll be caught up one day to His bosom where you’ll live for eternity. Cherish the blood of Jesus Christ and His suffering upon your life daily by abstaining from every manner of evil and sin. May the grace of our Father and our Lord be with your soul. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will always ask for forgiveness of sin daily.
2) I will strive to please the Father in all I do.
3) I will value and cherish the blood of my Saviour and His suffering on the cross upon my life because this is what redeemed my soul.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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