13th November 2018

Stand For Holiness

Word From The Father

A young man told his parents he wants to marry. His parents didn’t hesitate, they didn’t say he was too young to marry. They asked him if he’s found a young woman to marry and he said yes. They did all the marriage rights and brought the young woman to their house to live since he hasn’t got a good job to care for her on his own. His parents supported them until he’s able to stand on his own. While they were still with his parents, they had two children. Immediately they moved away to their own house, not very long, they had two more children, yet, they were still young. By the time both of them were thirty years, they’ve already had four children. By this time, their door of blessings began to open. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Owner of every life. Every life came from Me, and unto Me every life will return.

Since the day I created human beings, My purpose of creating them hasn’t been met. I Am a Holy Father and I require holiness from My children. The life many of you should live in the morning, you lived it in the evening, and the one you’re supposed to live in the evening, you lived it in the morning. You turned your own life upside down. I Am not a wicked Father and if you drag the nest of bees, you’ll face the consequence of your action.

All of you are there in the church, rendering foolish service to Me. Am I a blind God? Am I a foolish Father? I Am the Great Seer and I see everything that’s done under the sun, even in the dark. How many of your children can I call children? All your daughters are already emptied before they married. As emptied as they are, what children do you think they’ll produce? They’ll produce children like them. How many of you can accept it if your son came home one day and told you he wants to marry? You will gather every curse from your mouth and release upon him because you want to have your own way in his life. But when he’s still pure, when his blessings are still intact, when you should have rallied around him and let him live his life, you’ll say no, he must fulfil your will. By the time all his blessings are shattered, you’ll begin to render foolish prayers to Me. But I was looking at you when you were misleading him.

A womb that’s holy is the womb that can carry glorious children. Many of you love the ways of this Earth, the way of destruction. If I say I should act with what I’m seeing on the altar, all of you will call Me a wicked Father. When your daughters are singing on My altar, I see all the demons that live inside them because you their parents failed to train them in the way of holiness. But before anyone speaks about Heaven, you’ll jump up like a locust that yes, you’re already there. Which Heaven are you going? Is it My own Heaven or your father’s heaven, the one your father built elsewhere? When I look at all your children and they’re nowhere near Heaven because you failed to train them in My way, which Heaven are you going?

As a young girl, the only thing you knew how to do was to move around with men. When they asked you for the food you’re selling, your life was destroyed right before your eyes and you thought you’re living a good life. But your parents gave birth to you in the church! You were even a worker in My vineyard. Today, you’re there lamenting in your husband’s house because you invited serpent to dine with you.

As a young man, you were beloved of every young girl because I bestowed beauty upon you. The beauty I bestowed upon you was meant for the only wife you’ll marry. Right from your young age, you were sleeping with every young girl. Yet, you were a worker in the church. Today, your marriage is not what any man can wish for himself because your wife doesn’t enjoy you. There’s no love between both of you because the spirits of strange women are inside your body. Can you love two women at the same time? You married many women already before you marry your present wife.

Train your child the way he should go, when he becomes an adult, he’ll not depart from it. I didn’t say you should train your child your way. If you don’t know My way, how will you train your children in My way? Your own life is not what anybody can emulate. You live as if there’s no tomorrow. But I Am a Holy Father and My reward is with Me, and I’ll give it to every one of you as your work deserves.

My Emphasis

We live in a world where holiness has become a history. We live in a world where righteousness has no value. Christians live like those in the world. The world has entered Christians and Christians have entered the world. Their conduct and character are worldly. No one can differentiate them from the people of the world.

The Earth was created in holiness and in holiness it shall return. When Lucifer did what he did in the Garden, the Father didn’t reject the Earth forever. He still stands for holiness. And no matter how the world has changed, this will never change the Father. Right from the beginning, the Father set the rules for His children to follow and every Spirit knows. Whoever fails to follow these rules will live by the consequence.

Many of you think that because the world has advanced, the Law of old matters no more. No one can change the Law of life, which is the Law of the Father, and every Law is based on holiness. Christians, as custodians of the Law have case to answer. Everything the Father expects us to know and understand, even though we know, we’re still far away from the truth. Wrong and strange messages are coming out of the pulpit. No one is ready to deal with the issue of sin because the majority carry the vote. In a whole church, where single mothers and single fathers are the key members, what kind of message do you think the Pastor will preach? If he preaches the message of holiness, who will listen to him? That means he’ll go hungry, and Pastor doesn’t want to go hungry. He has wife and children to take care of.

Many people are living an empty life, and nobody has solution to it. In the church, many Christians attend Sunday Service simply to mark their register. But deep down in their heart, happiness is far from them. To substitute this, they live all kinds of reckless life. They drink, they party, they fornicate, they do all sort of things just to wipe away their sorrow. The Pastor on the other hand isn’t there to receive the true message, the true solution for the children of the Father.

To those of you who have given your life to Jesus Christ, you have no choice than to uphold the Law of the Father, which is the Law of holiness. The way of this Earth is far from the way of the Father, and if you want to live your life according to the pattern of this world, you’ll end up being on the losing side by the end of the day. Wherever you are, in everything you do, in your action and speech, stand firm in holiness. Holiness is the key to Heaven and if you’ve given your life to the Master, you must live a holy life. This will grant you access to the throne of the Father. I pray for you this day that the Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit will control your heart, so you can stand for them in every area of your life in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father and His Son for forgiveness if I’ve lived a reckless life.
2) I will turn back from the way of the world and turn to the way of holiness.
3) I will live to uphold the Law of the Father with all my heart.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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