13th May 2018

Trust Only In Me

Word From The Father

In the time of old, though My children had limited knowledge, yet, they accepted abomination as abomination and evil as evil. When I destroyed the Earth in the time of Noah because of evil, the kind of evil all of you are committing today is million times what they committed. If I spared you, not because you’re in anyway better than them, but because I overlook your evil because of My Son. I Am the Almighty God.

In the time of old, if a man told his fellow man to wait here for him until he comes, he would wait for him. If you left your produce beside the road, so that the passerbys could see it and buy, they would buy and left the money beside it. Whenever you - the owner got there, you would find your empty basket with your money inside it. But they lacked knowledge. What’s going on today? Both your basket and money will disappear. This isn’t the kind of Earth I created.

Today, with your enormous knowledge, trust is far away from your heart. You defraud each other; you lie to each other; even in My house, My children don’t trust each other anymore because of evil. A man would look at his fellow man and lend him his hoe, so he could cultivate a piece of land with it, so he could feed himself and family. When enough time has passed, whenever the owner of the hoe asked for his property, death would visit him suddenly. Why? Because somebody had evil heart against him. I see everything going on inside My house. You weren’t the owner of that hoe. He had pity on you and your family, but you paid him with evil. Yet, you claim you’re serving Me. Are you truly serving Me? No, you’re serving yourself.

I have billions of reasons to punish all of you. As Christian sister, a fellow sister trusted you with her house. All you could do was to pay her with evil by turning her home upside down. Will it be well with you? Tomorrow, when your children are suffering what they knew nothing about, pastor wouldn’t be able to find out the root of their problem unless I reveal.

You, a house wife, you joined hands with evil to destroy the life of your own husband, the father of your children. But physically, you’re crying that your husband left you. Have you checked your hands? You need nobody tell you who you are. You know that your hands are dirty, full of evil. You’re praying and crying; crying to who? Will I answer your prayers? Can you tell people what you’ve done, the kind of human being you are? I know all things because darkness is as light to Me.

My Emphasis

There is nothing new under the sun. That which was will be and the Earth continues in a cycle. The heart of human beings grows darker everyday. Generation comes and goes, evil multiplies upon the Earth. Righteousness is far from the children of men because they’ve forsaken the way of life. Life is no more life, for that which the children of men call life is lifeless. Atrocity climbs atrocity and fear engulfs the heart of the innocent.

O Lord, how long will You look on? You’re the Great Seer and Judge. Come and judge the wicked and set the innocent free. The dark hearted have invaded your inheritance. Trust is far from the heart of your children because they love evil than righteousness. Vindicate O Lord the innocent and save your children by Your power.

The house of God is full of different sets of atrocities. The church is full of different forums, forums of evil. If you’re unlike them, they will persecute you, and if God is not on your side, death is very close to you. They have the heart of cobra. Their venom pierce into the heart of the innocent. They’re corny and crafty, like the serpent of old, the adversary that brought down mother Eve. Who can escape their trap? If the Lord is not with His children, none could have survived their traps.

Whom shall we trust? All men are wicked, bent to do evil. But we shall put our heart and trust solely on our God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. He will by no means plead the cause of the righteous and release unquenchable fire upon the wicked.

My Task For Today

1) I will put my trust in the Father and His Son.
2) I will treat human beings as human for only God knows the heart of individual.
3) I will allow Holy Spirit to lead me, so that I won’t fall into the hand of cobra.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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