13th January 2018

Spiritual Debt

Word From The Father

If a man owed £100 and failed to repay, and he died, his debt would result into a spiritual debt. His generation would never repay this debt until they die. I Am the Almighty God. I Am not a wicked Father. I did not create one to serve another. If I created you and didn’t provide the food you’ll eat, then I Am a wicked Father. But I created your food long before I created you. Therefore, you have no excuse why you should live all your life in debt. If you live your life in debt, you have called demons to ruin the lives of your children and their generation. This is what many of you are passing through. Demons have no respect for colour or race. Hence you’re human being, they have business to do with you. The only thing that scares them is holiness and obedience.

If a man suffered until his death, why should his children suffer too? That means he has committed sin! Many of you would borrow and borrow until you couldn’t pay. If you fail to pay until you die, you’ve caused poverty to rule your children and their generation. Many of you read a lot of stories in My Word, but you failed to understand none. Until you give your heart to Holy Spirit, that’s when He’ll give you understanding of what you’re reading. If you borrow from any man, you’re a slave to that man. This is why all of you should be contented with whatever I gave to you. Money has its own spirit!

If a man died without repaying all his debt, the spirit of hardship and poverty would continue in the lives of his children and their generation. Sometimes they could even kill him so he wouldn’t repay his debt so they could continue their work in the lives of his children and their generation. This was why I told Moses to tell My children to write off any outstanding debt after seven years. I know more than all of you. It is better not to borrow at all so that Satan will not have any room to punish your children. It is high time for all of you to stop taking My Word for granted because whenever you cry to Me because of your affliction, I cannot turn My ears away. Live within your means!

My Emphasis

In the Book of II Kings, a widow came to Prophet Elisha because her husband’s creditors had come to take her two sons as slaves. The woman had nothing apart from little jar of oil – (see II Kings 4:1-7). Many of us capitalise on the miracle that was performed, but we fail to think what could have caused it. The same enemy that showered the husband with poverty came to continue in the lives of his children. But because the Prophet of God was around, he quickly put an end to generational debt. This was why the Father gave an Ordinance of remission of debt so that the generation would not have to suffer – (see Deuteronomy 15:1 and 31:10).

Many years ago, when I was living in Austria, my Bank introduced a certain credit called ‘generational credit’, meaning, if a man takes a loan, whenever he dies, his children and their generation would continue repaying the loan. It sounds good simply because your monthly repayment amount is low. However, the long term problem this would cause upon the generation would become unbearable. Years later, another type of credit was introduced, ‘buy now and pay next year’. Many people thought it was good because they don’t have to pay now. But the item you bought would have packed up before you start paying back. As children of God, what is highly esteem in the sight of men is an abomination to Almighty God.

If your parents owed anyone before they died, it’s your responsibility to repay back as long you’re still part of that family so that your children wouldn’t suffer what they don’t know. If you don’t want to pay back, then you should disassociate yourself from the family tree forever both physically and spiritually. That is the only way.

My Task For Today

1) I will learn to live within my means. I will cut my coat according to my size.
2) If I borrow from any man, I will make haste to repay it back.
3) I will try as much as I can to repay what my parents owed so my children wouldn’t have to suffer tomorrow.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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