13th February 2018

Search Me O Lord

Word From The Father

If you visit My church, many of My children are crying and praying, and if you move close and listen to the content of their prayers, you will not believe what you’re hearing. Many of you have been praying several years for a particular thing. Yet, your prayer is not answered, and you fail to ask question why I refuse to answer you. Am I a wicked Father? Whatever I didn’t put in your bag while you’re coming to this Earth, no matter how much you pray, you cannot have it. If it’s in your bag and it’s not coming forth, that means your hands are dirty. I Am not a wicked Father.

All of you are praying 'Father, Father, Father’, and you fail to do the will of the Father you’re calling. Am I a foolish Father? I sent you to this Earth to live and return back to Me. Did I send you here to hang? I want you to live My own life, not your own life. Why are all of you so foolish? When I sent Your Saviour, did He do His own will? Didn’t He do all I asked Him to do and returned back to Me? You’re asking Me for what will take you away from Me and you expect Me to give it to you. Until all of you seek the right solution, nothing will come forth. You’re casting out demons every day, yet, your hands are full of sin. Why do you fail to ask yourself question? I love a bleeding heart, a bleeding soul, a heart that bleeds because of sin. I love a heart that cries for righteousness, a heart that loves to do My will. I hate a selfish heart, a heart that seek after its own self. This is the kind of heart all of you have got.

You’re all seeking for the things of this Earth, and you forgot I didn’t send My Son for you to inherit the Earth. I sent Him to bring you back to Me, not for you to hang on this Earth. Because of what all of you are doing, sickness is ravaging your lives every day. Why can’t you heal yourself? All of you have double hearts, evil hearts. I did not create you with that. You know where you got it from. Repent and come back to Me before it’s too late.

My Emphasis

Jesus Christ, when He came to this Earth sought not His own will but the will of the Father. He had no desire of His own. His Father’s desire was His desire. He became a man of sorrow because of us. Comfort and luxury were far away from His reach. He lived His life in suffering and hardship. He gave Himself to constant prayers, seeking help from the Father all the time so He could constantly destroy every dart of the enemy. As He felt the last pain on that cross, He cried to the Father "My Father, My Father, have You forsaken Me?" The Father responded "My Son, I have not forsaken You. The battle is over and You’re coming back to Me." He bled and died, went to the Dark-Planet, resurrected and ascended back to Heaven. Glory be to the Father!

Search Me O Lord and judge me according to Your righteousness. When I desire to fulfil my own will, may I fail so I can return back to where You’ve placed me in You. Let Your right-hand O Lord lift me far above the desire of my own heart. May I forever dwell daily in Your presence and grant me a willing and submissive heart to follow You and You alone. Guide and guard my Spirit from wrong and chastise me in Your holiness. Keep my soul from wrong else I sleep in the bosom of my adversary. Jehovah God of the Patriarchs, You who stood by Your chosen ones, stand by me. Jesus Christ my Saviour, hold me by Your right hand and never let me fall.

O Lord, the Earth is an open place. Channel my feet so I will not fall into the trap of the evil one. You who reign in Heaven and in light, bury my heart in Your light so that no trace of darkness may be found in it. Open my eyes, my spiritual eyes to see beyond the physical and give me a discerning heart to know whenever the evil one is around me. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask Holy Spirit to take over my body whenever I come to the presence of the Father.
2) I will ask the Father to establish His will in my life.
3) I will live a very cautious life and tread the ground gently and carefully.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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