13th August 2018

To Whom Shall We Go

Word From Jesus Christ

There are many roads, but only one leads to life. There are many lives, but only one is eternal. There are many givers, but only one gives life. I Am the only Road that leads to life. I Am the Giver of life. I do not only give life, but the life I give is eternal. Of what profit is it for a man to work all his life and suffer in the end? Of what profit is it for a man to know the right route that leads to his destination but takes a wrong one? Not everything that gives comfort is good. Some route may look rugged, but this might be the right route to your destination. I Am the only Route that leads to eternal life. There is no other route. I purchased this route with My blood and those who desire to pass through it must first come to Me. I Am the Beginning and the Ending. My load is easy to carry. My load is not burdensome.

If a man is living without hope, he lives for the sake of living. Some who didn’t know what next to do took their own life. Some are afraid to take their own life, this is why they’re still alive. But this kind of people are only there, living for the sake of living. They have no hope. They have no hope because they don’t know Me. Those who know Me have My fear, and they rejoice in Me every day. I Am the Giver of hope. Those who know Me have hope, not only on this Earth, but in life beyond this Earth.

Some of you tasted Me, but because you loved sin more than righteousness, you pulled away. What shall it profit you to come to this world and enjoy everything and lose your life? Heaven is your life. The life you live on this Earth is not life without Me. For you to have life, you must have Me. Those who don’t have Me don’t have life. Though they claim they’re alive, but they’re dead already. Those who have Me have the hope of Heaven because I Am the only Road that leads to Heaven.

Those who came to Me and pulled away, many of them died already and they’re gnashing their teeth in Hellfire. Now they’re calling Me to give them another chance. It’s too late! Once the cloud of death envelopes you away from this Earth, then you’re on your own. On this Earth, you have Me and My Father, and Our Companion - Holy Spirit. But whenever you die, you’re on your own. You can only have Us if you do Our will here. But if you fail to do Our will, you’re on your own! No matter how much you cry, nobody will listen to you. But if you do Our will and We’re satisfied, before you die here, We’ll prepare everything before your arrival. Not only that, on this Earth, We will surround you with Our peace everywhere. And the children you leave behind, any property you leave for them, We will also watch over them. Why? Because you do Our will!

Many of you call My name in vain. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, yet, your heart is dark. Your heart is not only dark, all manner of evil full your hands. One is to call somebody, one is for the person to answer you. If you call Me in dirtiness, how do you expect Me to answer? But if you call Me in holiness, even before you open your mouth, I’m right there beside you. But if you’ve once known Me and you pulled away, you do Me no harm, you only do yourself harm. There’s nothing you can give to Me. If you live holy, you do yourself good.

My Emphasis

When the Saviour started His earthly Ministry, many crowds followed Him wherever He went. When He fed the crowd with miraculous food, they were amazed. Many of them refused to go back home. When He began digging deep, teaching them the mysteries of the Father’s Kingdom, they started pulling away one after the other. Some of them were offended, but they couldn’t speak out. They went away quietly. But when He fed them with the miraculous bread and fish, they wanted to have more, this was why they were following Him. When He switched the gear to another level, they pulled away. But Peter, one of the Twelve asked the Master, “To whom shall we go?” Matthew 6:68.

In the church today, everyone is serving the Father in flesh. Why? Because the Spirit of the Father is not moving anymore. And why? Because sin has covered everywhere. Many who’re on fire for God have gone back to their vomit. Some begin to commit the kind of sin they didn’t commit before they gave their lives to Jesus Christ because Satan has entered the church. However, there are few who vowed not to ever go back. They’ve tasted Jesus Christ, and nothing will make them change their mind from following Him. These are the few the Father and the Son still look up to.

When others turned back and followed the way of the world, will you turn back too? Can you make the kind of confession Peter made and say “Lord, to whom shall we go? We know You’re the Giver of life. There’s no other life after You.” These are the kinds of people the Father loves. Satan has planted temptations everywhere and many Christians are falling into it cheaply. Temptations in the church, temptations at home, temptations in the workplace, temptations in the market, temptations everywhere. But the Father is counting on those who will hold on to Him and close their eyes to the things of this Earth. He will do everything in His power to save them.

Those who desire to end well will keep their robes from being stained. No matter what it takes, they know the reward of sin and want to keep their robes clean and pure until they end their journey on Earth. I pray for you this day that Jehovah God will surround you with His grace and strengthen your feeble hands and feet, so that you’ll stand and focus until the end in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for forgiveness and mercy every day.
2) I will not follow the multitude to pull away.
3) I will look upon the Master every day and pray continually for strength.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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