13th April 2018

This Earth Is Spiritual

Word From The Father

This pastor always has something to say every day. This is what some of you are saying! That is why I Am the Almighty God. Is it the pastor? It’s not the pastor! I Am the One. I Am the Almighty God. I can speak for several days and not be tired. I Am the Creator. The pastor is doing the work I gave him to do. You’re reading it, isn’t it. I will judge you through this Word you’re reading. I Am the Owner of your life. I Am the One you’ll give account of your life to. I Am the Almighty God. Therefore, fear Me.

I created the Earth spiritually and called it to appear physically. Everything I created are spiritual. Many of you don’t understand what Christianity is all about. Even some of My servants think this Earth is where Heaven is. Many of them preach amiss. Some said there is no Hellfire. Who are you working for? If you’re truly working for Me, you’ll know the basic spiritual principles.

A lady went out with her five years old boy. She met a man on the street who told her that her son would have four children. How did he know? Where are the children? They’re there spiritually. If I didn’t open his spiritual eyes to see them, he wouldn’t see them. Every life all of you live day-by-day is more spiritual than physical. Now I’m speaking to My son who will send this message to you. He’s hearing Me, but he cannot see Me. If I don’t exist, can I speak to him? If I speak to him, he’ll do exactly what I want him to do with the Word. And if you read it and believe, it will do you and your generation good.

As you cannot see Me, so also you cannot see the spirits of evil. They’re around you; they’re seeing you, but you cannot see them. This is why the journey of all of you is very tough. If you refuse to give your life to My Son Jesus, how will you have peace? A man had billions of money in his account, yet, something asked him what he’s living for, and he committed suicide. Did he have peace? No! All of you don’t know what you’re playing with. This is why Satan is very happy, so that all of you can be destroyed in your ignorance.

If you go through My Word (The Bible), you will see how I created this Earth. Every planet I created to work for this Earth are out there, yet, they’re not there empty, Spirits live there. All of you including animals came from somewhere else. Whenever you die, I settle each and every one of you to where you belong. As little as an ant is, they have their own planet where I brought them to live on this Earth. There is little I can reveal to all of you. The most important thing: Fear Me and do My will. That’s all.

My Emphasis

The Earth is the Lord’s and all it contains. The things of God are spiritually designed, not for the canal, but for those whose life and destiny are tied to the Almighty. Jesus was living somewhere before coming to this Earth. When He came, He spoke about His Father and His Kingdom. You can speak and hear yourself, yet, you cannot hold the word you speak in your hands because it’s spiritual.

A woman possessed by the spirit of witchcraft will tell you ‘I ate my children; I did this evil, and I did that evil’. How did she do all these? This means there is another invisible life people live outside this life. The Father created everything and programmed them how they would work. Nothing came into existence by itself. Everything is formed and ordered by the Father.

Jesus died more than two-thousand years ago. How could His blood cleanse our sins today? It’s spiritual! The Priests of old were given Ordinance of blood, to make atonement for the sins of the congregation. Where is the sin? It’s spiritual. Where are the spirits? They’re invisible. Something is telling me to kill, something is telling me to kill; where is that thing? It’s invisible. You can hold a mobile phone in your hand while living in London and call somebody in America. How possible? Because a satellite is in space that route calls from one mobile phone to another. If human beings could do this, what about the Father? Fear Him! Fear the One who owns the key to your life.

My Task For Today

1) I will exalt the Father for what He created.
2) I will not doubt the existence of what I cannot see.
3) I will have the fear of the Father and do His will.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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