12th September 2018

Spiritual Labourers

Word From The Father

If you hold a tuba of yam in your hand, you only see it as an ordinary yam. That tuba of yam you hold in your hand is more than how you see it. It has life! Whatever has life will bring forth another life. The only thing that can separate physical life from invisible life is fire. If you take the tuba of yam and cut it into pieces and bury each one of them in the ground, they’ll germinate and bring forth another life. But if you cook or roast it in fire, you separate the physical from the invisible automatically. If the ground is fertile, that piece of yam will germinate and bring forth a big tuba of yam. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator of everything.

I made a Covenant with a tuba of yam that ‘you will feed My children and I will reward you’. Why should I make a Covenant with an ordinary tuba of yam? Because it’s life! If I could make a Covenant with an ordinary tuba of yam, how much more you, My own children who came out of My body. Before I brought you to live on this Earth, I’ve put everything in place, so you wouldn’t suffer. Do you think the ground is fertile on its own? No, I put a lot of things in place to make it fertile. If the ground is barren, no matter how much I made a Covenant with the tuba of yam, it cannot germinate on its own. I said it before that I gave birth to you but created many Spirits I put in charge of this Earth. They have their own family. They are everywhere. They’re My Spiritual Labourers. If you acquired a piece of farmland, you’ll cultivate it and plant whatever you like. If you know the work is too much for you alone, you’ll acquire labourers who will help you do your work. Will you hire them for nothing? You must pay them! If you fail to pay them, will they come back and work for you again? I told all of you that I Am a Man like you, but you cannot see Me. Everything I created has life. I created everything to give you peace, but you don’t give yourselves peace.

I made a Covenant with My Spiritual Labourers to produce tubas of yam for My children to eat, and afterwards I’ll compensate them. How will I compensate them? When you reap the produce of your land, you’re to bring some of it to My house. Will I come down and eat it? Will I take it to Heaven? As you bring it to My house, My servants are there who will pray to Me on your behalf and eat whatever you bring. It belongs to them. But there’s more to it than physical. The spiritual part of it belongs to My Labourers who worked on your farmland, so it could bring you good produce. Even before I chose Abraham, My children always scattered some of their produce around the ground for the spirits of the land to eat. These are My Spiritual Labourers. If all of you are talking of a fertile ground, the ground is not just fertile on its own without My Labourers. Those who understand what I’m saying now can bear witness to My Word.

All of you have abandoned My Law and Ordinance and bitten more than you can chew. This is why you’re using chemical to plant your seed. If you use chemical to plant your seed, where do you think the chemical will go? As it remains on the ground, you also forget your seed remains on the ground too. As your seed germinates, it germinates with the chemical and when you reap and eat it, the chemical ends up in your body. All of you think you’re wise. This is why all of you are dying gradually. Every wisdom you think you have is wisdom to suicidal. You're committing suicide gradually. Therefore, some of the things I created to live inside your body are now forcing themselves to come out in form of sicknesses and diseases.

Why do you need chemical to plant your seed? Because the ground is barren! What made the ground to be barren? Because of your sin. If you carry a pot of fire and place it on top of a plant, after some time, if you lift up the pot, what will happen to the plant? It will die! Every sin you’re committing day-by-day causes your ground to be barren. Because of your sin, anywhere you go, anywhere you place the sole of your feet remains barren. And again, your sin also gave somebody power to speak to the spirits of the land not to help your seed bring forth good produce. But if your hands are clean, everything about you will be fertile and whatever you lay your hands upon shall surely prosper because you do My will.

My Emphasis

As each day passes by, human beings continually drift away from the law of nature. What is the law of nature? It’s the Law of the Father! The one who built the house tells you the rules and regulations to live in the house, that if you live otherwise, the house will chase you away. Most death that kills people these days doesn’t come from Satan alone. The Father had laid down the rules from the beginning and if these rules are not followed wholeheartedly, the Earth will vomit out her inhabitants.

If you plant your seed with chemical and the chemical ends up in your body, if sickness or disease kicks in, will you put the blame on Satan? With all these, the people say there’s no God. Even those who believe in God, who have given their lives to Jesus Christ are living in sin. Because of the blood of Jesus Christ, whatever passes through our mouth should be neutralised by the power in the blood. But the blood becomes powerless because of sin. If you’re living in sin and you call Jesus Christ, He will not answer because you only call the name ‘Jesus’. Anybody can bear the name ‘Jesus’. But if you call the Spirit of ‘Jesus’, He will answer. Holiness opens every door.

In times past, the children of the Father valued the season of harvest. This is one of the Ordinance the Father gave to Moses to give the Israelites. They should celebrate harvest every year through which the congregation would bring some of their produce to the tabernacle or temple. But the produce belonged to the Priests. The Father would give it to the spirits of the land spiritually. This was why if you read through Leviticus 26 which Moses expanded in Deuteronomy 28, you’ll see all the blessings the Father pronounced on the children of obedience and the curses that would follow the children of disobedience. The Father is a Father that rewards. He is the Owner of everything, yet, He honours and rewards His children. Anyone that works for the Father is blessed. When Lucifer worked for the Father at the creation of this Earth, the Father rewarded him. The Father rewarded our Lord and Saviour by giving Him the Kingdom. He rewarded Archangel Michael for establishing the Celestial Church of Christ whereby the congregant would pray in his name. This is the Father for you. Every Spirit that works for the Father always receive their reward.

In our world today, things are different from what it used to be because in those days, farming and tending flocks used to be their main job. Today, through the wisdom the Father gave to His children, many professions are excelling. In all this, the Father expects obedience. Every produce, either in form of an item or money is for the servants of the Father, so they wouldn’t lack anything because they mustn’t work, so they could be in the presence of the Father twenty-four-seven seeking His face on behalf of His children. Many Christians see the work as an easy work, but they forgot it’s easier to deal with flesh than to deal with Spirit. This is why Satan holds their heart from obeying the Father, so that the servants of the Father will live in lack. Because the congregation failed to obey the Father, and because the servants of the Father put their trust in their congregation, they now turned to beggars, asking their them to bring money.

In conclusion, whatever we choose to believe or disbelieve, Jehovah God and Jesus Christ will forever remain One. Therefore, it’s our choice to flow with the will of the Father wholeheartedly and receive the blessing and peace that follows. But I pray that Jesus Christ our Saviour will keep your heart in His holy hands, so that you can always make the right and holy choice in all you think and do. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will confess my sins if I’ve failed the Father in this area.
2) I will always yield to the voice of the Spirit and seize to follow the decision of my heart.
3) I will live in obedience to the Word of the Father no matter how hard it looks.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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