12th October 2018

No Perfect Marriage

Word From The Father

A father promised her daughter a special drink. She was eager to receive it from him. The father on the other hand expects her to wait until he’s ready to release it to her. She must wait. She mustn’t get tired because this is a special drink. She can’t just enter any shop and buy it. It’s not sold anywhere. Her father knew how he got it and if she could wait, she’ll enjoy it. But if she couldn’t wait, she’ll get a counterfeit one that’ll give her running stomach. I Am the Almighty God. If I promise you anything, I stand by My Word. I Am the Giver of perfect gift. If I give it to you, no one will take it away from you. You’ll enjoy it until the end.

I Am a Father and whatever I give to you is perfect. Before I give it to you, you mustn’t be in haste. You must be patient. If you’re in haste, somebody will give you the wrong one and by the time I give you Mine, you can’t receive it anymore because your hands are full. Can you marry two husbands together? You cannot! Many of you ran ahead of your blessing and your life turned upside down because of it.

When I sent you to this Earth, everything you need is given to you. In fact, I gave you more than you needed until you’ll return to Me. But many of you are in lack, in lack because you ran ahead of your blessing. There is a set time for everything. If I programmed you to marry at the age of thirty-five and you said it’s too late, that means you’ll get a counterfeit husband. If you get a counterfeit husband, he’ll turn your life upside down because he’ll contaminate all your blessings. How many of you are in the right marriage? Ask yourself question.

There are different kinds of drinks, namely, water, lemon juice, orange juice, apple juice, mango juice, and so on. If you taste each one of them, their taste is different. If you mix apple with lemon, you’ll get different taste. This is what all of you are doing to yourself. I Am a perfect Father and I’ll never give you what’ll ache your teeth. If your teeth are aching, how comfortable will you feel? You’ll feel the pains all over your head. All your system will scatter just because of only one tooth. But getting into a wrong marriage is worse than that.

I Am the Almighty God and I have nothing to teach you than holiness. Until you’re holy, you can never meet My need. If you’re into a right marriage, that doesn’t mean everything is perfect. Everything cannot be perfect because you’re flesh. But the love you have for Me will show in your marriage. If your love for Me is very strong, it will show in the love you have for each other. If you love Me for who I Am, that means you cannot marry a man because of what you want, you must marry him for who he is. If both of you are in Me, if both of you are holy together, you’ll produce healthy and holy children.

If you visit My church today, everywhere is full of single mothers and single fathers. All of you have eaten raw yam and stomach is aching you. If you choose it wrong, you’ll eat it wrong. When you know you’re in a marriage where either your own life or the life of your partner isn’t right, why should you produce children in such marriage? What kind of children do you think you’ll produce in such marriage? You’ll also produce wrong children. If I begin to analyse a lot of things for all of you, you’ll be confused. I come down speaking to you like a Father to His children. Unless all of you do My will, peace and wellbeing is far from you.

All of you are living by My grace. If you’ve defiled yourself before you marry, what else do you expect in the marriage? Your past is working against all of you. This is why I expect you to confess all your sins before you come together, so that your past life will not play a key role in your marriage. If a man lay with you before marriage, he becomes your husband spiritually. If you don’t marry him, it’ll affect your marriage. Unless I delete his Spirit away from your Spirit, you cannot have a peaceful marriage because you’ve contaminated your Spirit already.

My Emphasis

Many of you don’t understand why the Father laid curse on Adam and Eve. He laid curse on them because a lot of things were destroyed through the sin they committed. The worst sin, the head of every sin is the sin of sexual immorality. And if you investigate the life of every Christian, you can hardly see few whose Spirit is not polluted by such spirit. If your Spirit is polluted by such spirit, you need a complete cleansing before you go into any marriage. If you fail to cleanse yourself and you go into marriage and produce children, you have to know what you’ll do to those children.

As there is no perfect man or woman, so also there’s no perfect marriage. Through the life both couples live in Jesus Christ, they’ll be able to maintain their marriage until the end. In the light of this, they’ll still have misunderstanding, but this won’t lead to any major crisis because the same Person they gave their heart to will always guide them until the end.

Many of you thought the people of old were able to keep their marriage because they were perfect. Not that they were perfect, but they weren’t exposed to many evils like us. If a young girl lives under the roof of her parents until she marries, if she doesn’t defile herself, then tell me where sexual immorality will come from. In this present era, one, you’ve defiled yourself, two, even though you’ve given your life to Jesus, but you surround yourself with every available technology like television and internet, you see what you’re not supposed to see every day, the spirit of sexual immorality in you will keep telling you ‘I am here, I’m still available’. As it is for the man, so also for the woman.

We don’t live in a world where people live in huts anymore. The cost of living is very high these days! In the time of old, when men were men, marriage was more sustainable than now. Couple with this, people were more contented with what they had. Today, every youth wants to go to the university. Either the money is there or not, either it’s in their destiny or not, they want to go. Therefore, both parents have to work to pay the bills. Through this work, a lot of things happen. The good time they should have had together as happy family is taken away from them because no time is left after work. The person you see often will then become the one you can lean on.

Does Jehovah God make mistakes? Not at all. As followers of Christ who want to partake in heavenly blessings, you must follow every Word of the Father carefully with obedience. This is the only way there can be peace in the home. If your marriage is not peaceful, how can you live a peaceful life? Money cannot buy happiness and money cannot buy peaceful home. Peaceful home can only be given by the same Person that instituted marriage which is the Father Himself. If you dwell richly on His Word, you’ll be able to stand and tell others what it takes to make a home. I pray for you this day that Jesus Christ will guide your steps and pour fresh oil into your marriage. He’ll keep and save you from every spirit of negativity in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will lean on the love of my Saviour always.
2) I will not emulate anybody, but will emulate Him, so that as I follow His example, I’ll be able to live in peace under His umbrella.
3) I will remove every trace of selfishness and self-centredness from me because these are the enemies of a peaceful marriage.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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