12th May 2018

The Law That Guides The Earth

Word From The Father

A man started a company alone out of nothing. Many years later, his company was able to employ thousands of employees. He was happy, very happy that the little company he started alone could employ so many people. After some years have passed, one of his managers who didn’t know how he suffered to build the company started working against him. He began changing every policy of the company and before you know it, majority of the junior managers and their employees joined him too. He was very angry that a stranger who didn’t know how he laboured to build his company could do such thing to him. After he had gathered so much information, one faithful day, he gathered all his managers around the table and made his intention known to them. He sacked all of them without any benefit except those who weren’t against him. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator of this Earth. Evil is an abomination to Me.

As human being, you didn’t choose to come to this Earth but you’re here according to My command. Therefore, you can’t just do whatever you like because there is Law that guides the Earth and I, the Owner gave the Law. You don’t have to believe in Me, as human being living on this Earth I created, you can’t live and do things as you like. Everything all of you call nature came from Me. I Am the Nature. Everything came from Me and everything will return back to Me.

As human being, if you do what you’re not supposed to do either knowingly or unknowingly, you’ll face the consequence of your action. I fight nobody, but those who will fight you on My behalf will punish you for any wrong action you take. All of you know what’s good! How do you all think the Earth exists without any Law guiding it? Every home, every business, every community, every city, every state, every nation, they all have laws that guide them, how much more a whole galaxy. I don’t care if you recognise Me as your Father or not, but don’t destroy My handwork. If you do, you’ll definitely face the consequence of your action.

All of you who believe in Me and you’re committing sin, you should know you’re calling destruction upon yourself. I didn’t kill My Son for nothing. If you claim you believe in Me and My Son and you’re still not doing My will, you know exactly what’s coming to befall you. I Am the Almighty God. If you like, doubt Me; and if you like, believe Me. It does Me no good if you believe in Me, you do yourself good. Will you feed Me? Will you cloth Me? Will you fight for Me? Nothing you can do for Me because every power in Heaven and on Earth belongs to Me.

My Emphasis

Some said they don’t believe in God, that they just want to live their own lives. The Father has no problem with you living your own life as long you live your life without overstepping your boundary. The sea has a boundary, the water has a boundary. You as human being have a boundary. If you overstep your boundary, you cause harm to befall you.

The Law that guides the Earth is for everybody, but the Law and Ordinance of Christians are for those who want to go to Heaven. As a follower of Jesus Christ, you don’t live your life outside Jesus Christ. If you break the Law that guides the Earth, you’ll face the consequence how much more breaking the Law that guides Christianity. The punishment for that is eternal. If you break the Law that guides this Earth, you’ll still come back to the same Earth again. But if you break the Law that guides Christianity, you’ll be rewarded with hellfire.

Something happened to you and you decided to give your life to Jesus Christ. This is the best decision any man could make for himself because he’ll be rewarded with eternal life. Therefore, I charge you as a servant of the Most High to live your life in the fear of the Father. This is the only way you’ll end victoriously. Forsake every ungodly desire and repent. Follow the example of our Lord Jesus, so that you too can receive your crown.

My Task For Today

1) I will be very cautious how I live My life.
2) I will not live outside the Father’s territory.
3) I will always follow the Law and Ordinance of the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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