12th March 2018

Polluted Children

Word From The Father

If I assigned five children to a woman to bring into the world, once the five children are completed, she will stop giving birth to children automatically. But if I assigned five children to her, and she gave birth to eight children, where did the other three come from? They are polluted children! How can a woman give birth to polluted children? I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Revealer of Mysteries.

A woman gave birth to five children and she stopped giving birth because all the children assigned to her are completed. Five children were assigned to a woman and she gave birth to eight children because she committed sin. Through her sin, Satan was able to bring other children into the world through her womb. I created a woman’s egg in different layers upon layers, and no bacteria can penetrate into it. However, spirits can penetrate into it and hatch the egg. Once the egg is hatched, if any man mate with her at that particular time, she’ll become pregnant and give birth to a polluted child, a servant of Satan.

When I gave Adam an instruction in the Garden what he should do and what he shouldn’t do, what happened when he and his wife went against My instruction? They end up giving birth to a polluted son. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Owner of every Spirit either good or bad. I cannot say you’re My children and give you bad children. No, something must happen before polluted child could land in your house. There is other side of everything I created and the other side of it all is disaster. Out of the children on this Earth today, I know those who’re truly Mine, and I know where the rest of them came from.

When I keep shouting and screaming that all of you should stop committing sin and follow My Law, you say I’m a wicked Father. I Am not a wicked Father. If you invite ants with your hands, you’ll manage whatever you see. Sin is abomination to Me. I created fish to live in the sea. As I separated the land from the sea right from the beginning, so also, I separated you from the sea creatures. But they’re using you to live on the ground because they have no legs to walk. This is abomination to Me! All this happens because of your sin. These are all polluted children and many of them are inside the church, causing havoc. Until you all obey My Law, this is the only way you can have peace in every area.

My Emphasis

All children are from the Father, but any child that doesn’t give the parents peace came from somewhere else. Though that child is from the Father, but another spirit, a demon has mingled with the Spirit of the Father in that child. If you look into the world today, the easiest way for the demons to multiply themselves among humans is sex. They work contrary to the Law of the Father. They are opposite of good. There are some countries in the world, if you know the percentage of real human beings that are there, you’ll be shocked; the rest are demons.

Any land where idols are being worshipped, you have to know the kind of children they’re producing. In a land where immorality is being promoted, you should also know the kind of children they’re producing. If the Father is against fornication and adultery, and a woman gave birth to a fatherless baby, you should know the kind of spirit that has mingled with that child. If the western world knows what they’ve done to themselves, they’ll be sorrowful every day because of the coming generation. The coming generation will be a complete disaster because Satan has opened so many doors of destruction for them and they welcomed it with open arms.

As for you, those who believe in the Law of the Father, purge yourself and if you know you’ve trod the negative path in the past, confess your sin and let the child be delivered as well. For this reason, the Father sent Jesus Christ into the world, so we could have another chance.

My Task For Today

1) I will dig into my life and my past to see if my Spirit is polluted.
2) I will ask the Father and Jesus Christ for forgiveness and cleansing from sin.
3) I will tread the ground carefully and allow Holy Spirit to lead me from now henceforth.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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