12th July 2018

My Church Is Destroyed

Word From The Father

A man worked hard, gathered money and acquired a piece of land. He hired a building contractor who built four of four-bedroom flats on the land. When the house was completed, the contractor called him to have a look. When he saw it, he was happy and satisfied that at least, he’s got something to rest upon when his strength can no more do a laborious work. He then put the whole house on rent flat by flat and continued living elsewhere. He told his tenants the rules that guide the house and they were happy to live there. He then hired a caretaker to look after the house and the tenants. The caretaker was happy to take the offer, and the man left, hoping he’d found a trustworthy person who would look after the entire house and the tenants. I Am the Almighty God.

Not very long, he started hearing strange news from different angles how his caretaker was treating the tenants and the house, that the house is not in the same state he handed it over to the caretaker. One day, he woke up early in the morning and went to his house. When he got there, his anger burned against the caretaker and the tenants because they’ve all strayed away from the agreement they signed before moving into the house. He decided to sack the caretaker, send the tenants parking, repair the house, and hire another caretaker to look after it. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Owner of the church.

When I found you, you followed Me willingly. I didn’t blindfold you, but you followed Me willingly. I put you into My house and handed you over to My servant to teach you what it takes to walk with Me. The news of your stubbornness has reached My ears and I cannot condone your attitude any longer. Through My Spirit in you, I have warned you to desist from the path you’re treading, and you refused. I also connected Myself to the heart of My servant to teach you what I originally handed over to him, he refused. Are you the owner of the church? Will I spare both of you when I come?

I place My Angels in every established church where My name is mentioned, and they constantly give Me the report. The report I heard is a very bad report. When I investigated things by Myself, it’s depressing! All of you have departed from the foundation I laid down for you to follow, the foundation of holiness. No one is willing to turn back from the path he’s treading. Everyone heads in the same direction. But if I appear, what will be your fate?

My Emphasis

For the Father to pick up a man and ordered him what he should do to bring His children back to Him, it’s a very hard job. Even if he obeyed and followed all the Ordinance given to him to follow, he wouldn’t live forever; somebody would take over the leadership of the church. This is where the problem lies. When the Father brought the Israelites out of Egypt, taught them with fire and brimstone, those who remained alive succumbed to holiness by force because of what they saw. After their demise, their children who inherited what they didn’t laboured for prostituted themselves and followed the path of destruction.

There are churches everywhere, yet, evil multiplies daily. If the church of God is polluted, how much more the whole Earth. Nobody wants to hear the Word of truth anymore. Everyone heads in the same direction. They love their routine! But the Father always have fresh Word for His children daily, how they should live their lives, so that the Earth wouldn’t swallow them. The caretakers of the church, the servants of the Father are not ready to embark on the path of holiness. Whoever is willing to embark on that journey, they’ll frustrate him to death. They’ve substituted the Word of the Father with their own word. Heaven I will not enter, and no one will enter as well. This is their philosophy.

O you wicked and blind servant, how long shall you carry on treading on a fruitless path! You’ve abandoned the truth you first received when you willingly came to the Master. Now, children are handed over to you to care for. You’ve become like a ravenous wolf, a hungry lion who devours the children of the Father. You’ve blindfolded the children with the veil of unrighteousness and made them believe living as they like pleases the Father. Have you been to Hellfire before to know how the environment looks like? Do you even believe it exists?

Many people have trod this path and have gone. They received their own verdict when they died. So shall we receive ours when we die. Each blessed day we live is a day of the Father and we move closer and closer to our grave. We have only two options to choose from, right or left. If we do it right, we’ll go to the right, and if we do it the wrong, we’ll go to the left. But if the Father is to put an end to our lives today, many of us will end up on the left. But there’s still time to make amend while the breath of the Father is still in us.

Those who desired to receive the reward of the faithful servant will remove their hands and heart from iniquity. They will wash their robe in the blood of the Son. They will depart from the way of the world and follow the way of the Father alone. Then shall their soul be ready to receive that which is only meant for the faithful ones.

My Task For Today

1) I will help the Father to build His church, not to help in destroying it.
2) I will obey the Word of the Father and teach everyone to do the same.
3) I will amend my ways while the breath of life is still in me.
4) I will desist from living my own life, and I’ll strive to please the Father alone.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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