12th February 2018

Not By Power

Word From The Father

Whatever a man chooses to be in life can only be possible if I give My approval. A man cannot determine his own destiny by himself. I have determined how individual’s life would be. Everything is keyed into your Spirit. Whatever you are or may become, I give My approval to make it happen. No man can boast of anything. Whatever I do not give, you cannot have it, and whatever I give, nobody can take it away from you except you throw it away through your sin. I Am the Almighty God. I Am in the lives of all My children.

A man laid with his wife and she became pregnant. She carried the baby in her womb for nine months and delivered. They were happy and named the child as they loved. They told everybody they’ve got a new baby. They nurtured the child as they wanted. Everybody knew that child as theirs. Is the child truly theirs? No! Every child is Mine. I Am the Creator and the Giver. If I don’t give you, you cannot have it unless you acquire it from demons. Whatever I give to you, I want you and your generation to enjoy it. This is why I always teach you My Law, so that the enemy will not tamper with your blessing after I gave it to you. There is no other life you will live apart from the one I gave to you.

Boast not for you have no power of your own. If you’re boastful, the enemy will come and tamper with your blessing as he did to Job. In everything, always give Me thanks. Appreciate Me for whatever you have so I could cover you and everything with My umbrella. He is roaming around looking for whom to destroy. But if you dwell daily in Me, he cannot touch you and everything you have. Peace is Mine. If I give you peace, nobody can take it away from you.

My Emphasis

Nothing belongs to anybody except that which the Almighty has given him. If He gave you anything, He still wants you to enjoy it under His umbrella, so the adversary wouldn’t take it away from you. He is always around us seeking to cause us harm. If we’re faithful to the Father, the Father will be faithful to us until the end of our journey.

If a man cannot create his own breath out of thin air and keep himself alive, then nothing belongs to him because he’s powerless. And whatever he has must be cared for with the fear of the Father. Everything comes from the Father, everything works through the Father and everything will return back to the Father. Therefore, we should all live our lives round the Father so that He will always watch over us and our entire household.

My Task For Today

1) I will bless the Father for the life He’s given me to live.
2) I will bless the Father for whatever He’s given me.
3) I will live under His umbrella all the time so I can have peace.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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