12th August 2018

Keep Your Blessing

Word From The Father

There are different kinds of blessings. There is original blessing, and there’s a counterfeit blessing. Many of you face different kinds of challenges that you can’t understand. Unless I speak, you cannot hear. Unless I reveal, you cannot know. Knowledge and wisdom end in Me. I Am the Originator of both. I reveal, and I give solution. But if I reveal to you and you fail to follow it up and apply the solution, you’ll continue with your suffering. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Revealer of mysteries.

If you’re born in a family who have My fear, and you were taught all My Ordinance and My ways, if you fail to keep your root, you’ll fail when you’re making decisions of life. The most important part of human life is marriage. This is the area where many of My children failed woefully. They followed their heart. And after they followed their heart and problem followed, they’ll begin to cry to Me. Didn’t they know I was there before making their own decision? Now that they’re sinking in the pit they wilfully dug, they’re crying to Me.

If your blessing is genuine, if your blessing is original, you’ll enjoy it with peace. However, if it’s a counterfeit, you will not have peace. Unfortunately, many of My children fall into the latter category. For example, James and Grace were from Christian homes whose parents had My fear. They were taught and brought up in My way. James was meant to marry Grace and give birth to John. Half of John was inside James while the other half was inside Grace. But Grace failed to follow My way and she went ahead and married to Andrew. Andrew’s parents were evil because they’ve shed much blood. Even at that, Andrew was to marry Cecelia and give birth to Peter. Half of Peter was inside Andrew while the other half was inside Cecelia. Now that Grace was married to Andrew, there’s chaos. This means the child both of them produced was half John and half Peter. I Am the Almighty God. Whatever you sow you shall reap.

I warned Abraham not to allow Isaac to marry in the land of Canaan. The whole Earth is Mine and the children are Mine too. Any land that doesn’t have My fear becomes an enemy to Me. Any family that doesn’t have My fear becomes My enemy. With My illustration above, all of you should now know why the Earth is in trouble. If you take the seed of a dog and add it to the seed of a cat to produce different animal, what kind of animal do you think will come out? It’s neither a dog nor a cat! As you’re breeding different kinds of animals with the wisdom that Satan gave you, so also, you’re producing different kinds of children every day. This is why the Earth is full of evil.

If whatever blessing you acquired is not the original, you know what you’ll face. And no matter what you do, you cannot keep it because I didn’t give it to you, you acquired it by yourself. Some of you cannot understand the kind of problem you’re having in your marriage. The root of your problem is spiritual! For example, if two families were sworn enemies and they died, and their children now met each other and were married, they cannot enjoy the marriage. Why? Because evil is already in the root of their lives! Once two people failed to agree together in life and it led to death, they sent demons message automatically. Their offspring that they left behind shouldn’t go ahead and marry each other unless they allow Jesus Christ to break the foundation of evil which their forefathers have laid. I Am the Almighty God. Evil is an abomination to Me.

If I enter the church today and begin to analyse the root of individual’s problem, you’ll be there the whole day. I Am the One who knows the secret of evil. When Cain went his own way, Adam didn’t allow Seth and his children to mingle with him - Cain and his children. Why? Because he’s evil child! And to settle this once and for all, it’s better to allow them to live apart. When their forefathers died, and the two generations began associating with each other, the whole Earth became corrupt until I wiped them away. Evil is the opposite of good. And if you allow both of them to mingle with each other, the evil will corrupt the good. This was also the reason why Ishmael had to leave Isaac. Once any of you follow your own way, it becomes a big tree that only Me can uproot.

My Emphasis

In the heart of a man lies the world of secret, yet, if not of God, it’ll come to ruin his entire generation. Many people, no matter how much they tried, they can never find solution to their problem unless the Father reveals. And if a man belongs to a higher spiritual being, he’ll find it very hard to find solution to his problem. This was my case. Until the Father came down into my life, I suffered a lot. One day He asked me why I didn’t see anyone who could tell me the source of my problem, because He knew about it, and He wanted it to be so. If you’re created to lead the children of the Father and either there are few people of your category alive or none, the Father cannot reveal the root of your life through anybody unless He reveals it to you. This was exactly the problem with Moses. He suffered a lot. Now, many of you are very lucky the kind of opportunity you have.

It is very late for the mouth to open after the head is already off. The decisions we make every day by day could either bring us peace or sorrow. Unfortunately, the latter is the case of many of us. Why? Because the same person that’s in the case of Adam is still there until today. He vowed to destroy his generation and this he does every day. If a man has a good home, even if he lost his job, he’ll still live in peace with his family if they trust in God. But if he hasn’t got a good home, even if he has a good job, his life is shattered. I’ve said it before that the Father made me passed through everything, so I could know what to preach to all His children.

For a man to marry a woman, a queen from the sea who purchased the part of the sea as one purchase a piece of land, you must know what that means. Physically, she’s a normal human being, but spiritually, she’s a destroyer. Her nails are full of serpents! And anywhere she goes, she’s unsuspecting. You can never think double of her at all. There are many of them in the world today. These are heroines of the Father but hijacked by Lucifer to use as his tool of destruction. If you fall into the hand of such woman, you’re doomed forever. Many times, I swam, willing to get to the shore, but many times I sank, and I continued to swim again. When the Father saw how much I’ve tried, He came to my rescue. The opportunity I have, nobody can have it. I asked the Father one day why He allowed me to suffer so much before He rescued me. He said I should keep quiet and just thank Him.

When the Father asked Prophet Samuel to anoint a King for Him among the children of Jesse, he almost missed it when he looked at their appearance. This is the mistake many of us are making. If Jehovah God is not on our side, the ocean could have swallowed many of us. But thanks be to Jesus Christ through whom another chance was given to us, so we could have mouth to proclaim the good work of the Father, and that’s not all, so that many could be saved through our experience. Glory hallelujah! Amen!

To the single I say today, calm down in your Spirit and give all to the Father. The Spirit in you belongs to the Father and let Him lead you every day of your life. Follow not your own heart. The wise King said in the Book of Proverbs 3:5-8 that, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and turn away from evil. It will be healing to your body and refreshment to your bones.” You are the hope of the Father on this Earth and the leaders of tomorrow. A lot of responsibility is placed on your shoulder because the Father is about to do to the whole Earth what He did to the Jews in the Wilderness. The church is corrupt, and He wants to put an end to this corruption. Those who remain on Earth will rebuild it in holiness and you’re among of them. It’s easier and profitable knowing God when you’re still single, so that many issues can be settled before you marry. The same wise King said in the Book of Ecclesiastes 12:1 that, “Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near when you will say, “I have no delight in them”.” I am speaking to you my young sons and daughters. Forget about the sin of your parents and your generation. If you can keep yourself, the Father will cut off the rope of evil from your life, so you can produce a glorious generation tomorrow. Seek wisdom before you act, godly wisdom makes the heart merry.

And to the married I say, untie yourself now. Untie yourself any area you know you’ve tied yourself. Time wait for nobody. If you’ve tied yourself, you also tied your children and their generation. And if you untie yourself, you must also untie those you’ve tied down. This is the only way the Father will spare your head whenever He comes, and this is the only way the Earth will give you peace. I pray for you today that Jehovah God, the Great Deliverer will have mercy upon your soul and deliver you from all afflictions in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will pray to the Father for mercy every day of my life.
2) I will obey the Word of the Father and teach my children to do the same.
3) I will seek for the help of Holy Spirit in making any life decision.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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