12th April 2018

Reaping The Past

Word From The Father

If you gave your life to Jesus Christ and your life revert back to square one, ask yourself question because My Son whom you gave your life to is a blessing not a curse and My blessing adds no sorrow. I Am the Almighty God. Every good and perfect blessing comes from Me. I Am the Owner of life.

A child was born, grew up, went to the university, graduated, secured a job and started earning morning, but he didn’t have my knowledge. If you look at his entire life, nothing of sin is found. Everything he had, he acquired them in a genuine and truthful way. But he didn’t know Me! This is the only problem he had. He cheated nobody at all; he didn’t lie to get his job; everything about him is straightforward. If he gives his life to Jesus Christ, will he suffer loss? No! No! No! I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am The Great Orator. Yes, I Am a Talkative because of My children.

As he gives his life to Jesus, Satan has no room to accuse him for anything. If he examines his life and see that everything is genuine, he’ll leave him alone. The only thing he can do to him is to set temptation on his way, so he wouldn’t enter Heaven. But if he dwells richly in My Word, he’ll overcome Satan and enter My rest. When I keep shouting, screaming, speaking, and talking, you say I’m a wicked Father. If your life turns upside down because you want to go to Heaven, what’s My business in it? Did I turn your life upside down? You only reap whatever you sow. A young girl who’s fond of sleeping around, when she gave her life to Jesus Christ and wanted to marry, all hell broke loose. Why? Because she must now pay back Satan everything she got from him.

You lied to marry; you lied that you’re sick, so the government could help you with money while you’re not sick. You will feed your children you had through your lie with the food of sin. But you’re a Christian! Now tell Me: If you now know that you’re treading on a dangerous ground, how can you turn back? But you must turn back and take the right route before you can enter Heaven. How can you turn back? The government you’ve lied to because of money, will you go back and tell them you lied? If you go back, they might prosecute you. Does My blessing add sorrow? No; you’ll reap whatever you sow.

All of you must begin to preach to yourselves to wash your hands clean from every sin, so that Satan will have no room to accuse you before Me. If there is no outstanding sin on the ground, he can do nothing. This lead to the death of the Christians of old. All of you should open your mouth and go and confess your sins to any of My servants before Satan double crosses you. Stop deceiving yourselves. If there is outstanding sin you fail to confess, and you die, you’re not coming to Me.

My Emphasis

As Christians, whatever we’ve done in the past will determine the kind of torment we’ll receive when we turn back from following the devil. Satan has no free gift. If you’ve ever taken a needle from him, you’ll pay back heavily because you’ve given your life to Jesus. If you’re thrown up and nothing falls out from you, you’re a winner. He’ll be ashamed of himself.

Some past mistakes may leave indelible mark on you, this is why you must look unto Jesus until you finish the race. If I analyse for you what led to the death of the Disciples, you’ll be shocked. The Father is not a wicked Father. He has already laid down the rules and nothing He could do when Satan comes asking for permission to punish whoever sinned.

Beloved, no matter what you may pass through because of your past, return not to your old route. You’ve decided finally to forsake that route and there’s no turning back. Forsake and forget everything that leads to sin and sorrow and embrace the love of Jesus Christ. You might have lost everything, but you should also remember you came with nothing. Look unto Jesus who died on the cross. He’ll lead you beyond your expectations and a crown of glory shall be placed on your head if you end well.

My Task For Today

1) I will be patient with the Lord as He leads me in this journey.
2) I will not embark on a fruitless journey again, but will walk diligently and carefully for the rest of my life.
3) I will teach the coming generation to soil not their garment with sin.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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