11th October 2018

Food For My Servants

Word From The Father

Before I called Abraham, I have already set out My plans how everything would be. I wanted to cleanse him very well because I didn’t want any trace of sin in his children. Isaac would have been the carrier of the nation of Israel, but because the root of Abraham was full of idolatry, I had to wait another generation. This was why I chose Jacob. Jacob was more powerful than his fathers spiritually because of the nation he carried inside him. They were twelve and I gave each one of them the work they would do. Judah was to be a ruler while Levi would be My mouth. Both of them were to work hand in hand to lead My children. Levi was very close to My heart and I used him to represent Myself. This was why he had no inheritance among his brethren because I was his Inheritance. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Perfect Father. My work is never an abandon project. I hate disobedient heart. Evil is an abomination to Me.

Levi was to do My work, and he must not do any other work apart from the work in My house. He was to teach My children all My Laws, Ordinances, and Statutes. Today, I scattered My Levites all around the world. Many of you may not understand, but I know the kind of Spirit I put inside each human being. All My chosen servants are My Levites. They are to do My work. I didn’t send them to do the work of this Earth, I sent them to do My work, to cleanse My children and bring them back to Heaven. If they mustn’t work, will their food fall from Heaven? Who will feed them? The day of manna is over! If I said they mustn’t work, who will feed them? If somebody is working, won’t he receive his wages? They are doing My work on My children, and it’s the responsibility of My children to care for them.

My servants must neither sow nor reap, all they sow is My Word. They sow My Word in the lives of My children. As they give My children spiritual blessing, they too will give them physical blessing in return. Because I knew Satan could hold the heart of some of you, this was why I instituted the Ordinance of Tithe. Tithe is the food of My servants. I didn’t only instituted Tithe, I also instituted Offerings, Harvest, Feast of Sabbath, First Fruit, and Feast of Ingathering. All these are food for My servants. All are My Ordinances, and no one can erase it. Because Satan has entered all of you to abolish My Ordinances, this was why he also entered the heart of My servants to start begging you for money, telling you to sow a seed because they need money. They don’t only need money, they also want to live like the people of this Earth. This is why they all miss My throne.

If you’re a Christian and I bless the work of your hands, if you fail to feed My servants, you’re guilty of Hellfire. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Judge. I cannot be tormenting the soul of My servants because of you and you ignore them. Yes, you’re going to Hellfire. My Word will never return to My mouth. As I spoke it, so shall it be. Any of you who want to come to Heaven and you abandon My servants, you’re going to Hellfire. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Many of you are selfish, very selfish! My son, I asked you to be sending My message to them. How much have they given to you? How much have they paid you? But they’re reading it. But I’m providing your needs, isn’t it? Do you depend on them? I know you depend on Me. This is why I will judge all of them. This is exactly what they’re doing to My servants everywhere. This is why they turned My servants to beggars everywhere. I will judge you. I know that all of you are listening to Me. I will judge you.

I know many of My servants love the things of this Earth. I Am the One that will judge them. If they like, let them use your money and buy private jet. It’s none of your business. I Am the One that will judge them because any of My servants that use My money to buy the things of this Earth, what a common man cannot afford to buy, I will send him straight to Hellfire. I Am the Almighty God. My name is Jehovah the Great Judge. As for you, follow My Word, obey My Laws and Ordinances. I will reward you. Everything you do, I will reward you for it.

Some of you will leave your house and go to the church to serve Me. If you get there, will you sit on the floor? If you get there, won’t you sing with My children? If you get there, somebody will beat the drum for you to dance, isn’t it? If you get there, My servant will deliver My message while you sit down and listen. When it’s time for offering, you’ll not pay. As you came, so you’ll return. But I blessed the work of your hands! Even if you don’t go to church, even if you only listen to My Word through your television, as long you’re a Christian and you want to go to Heaven, you must feed My servant. All of you are selfish children. I will judge all of you.

My Emphasis

In the time of old, everybody knew that servants of the Father had no other work to do than the work of the Father. In our days, everything has changed. Any servant of the Father who doesn’t work is called a lazy man. This is because they don’t understand what the work entails.

It’s very easy to deal with a man you can see, but dealing with Invisible Father and invisible enemy is more than what any man could ever comprehend. It’s not a child’s play. If the Person that called His own servants said they shouldn’t work, who will stand against His Word? Because Christians love the things of this world more than the Father, this is why it’s very difficult for them to obey His Word.

The church today is full of sin. The children of the Father are committing various sins. As they’re committing sin, the servants of the Father are committing sin as well. Who then will the Father use to cleanse who? This is why everywhere is full of demons. The things of this Earth have taken the position of Holy Spirit.

Every Ordinance of the Father is spiritual, not physical. Until every one of you understand and accept it as such, this is the only way the Spirit of the Father will move in the church again. Many churches are operating under closed Heaven. If a church is operating under closed Heaven, the demonic world will take over automatically. In many churches, not few, demons are the ones beating the drum while the congregation dance on.

The work of the Father cannot be combined with secular work because it’s a spiritual work. You can only see the servant of the Father, you neither see the Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit, or Satan and the demons that work with him. Therefore, any man or woman who opens his or her mouth and speak against the Father and His anointed will have himself or herself to blame. No one makes caricature of the Word of the Father and go free.

Beloved of the Almighty, Heaven is not cheap, and we must work hard to get there, both the servants and their followers, we must all work hard to get there. The Father doesn’t beg anyone to come to Heaven. Jesus Christ doesn’t beg anybody to give his life to Him either. Whatever you do is solely your own choice. And whichever one you choose to believe, there’s a reward for you. I pray that Jehovah God, Father of all flesh will never allow your labour in His vineyard to be in vain in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father and His Son for forgiveness if fail in this area.
2) I will value every Ordinance of the Father than gold.
3) I will not allow my selfishness to rob me of the glory of Heaven.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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