11th March 2018

Living The Life Of God

Word From The Father

When I created the Earth, I did not create it to live empty. I created My children to live in it. Different generations of human beings have lived here. I created them as I wanted. O you generation of Adam have caused Me a lot. When I gave birth to My Son, He had no hole in his hand. But because of your sins, I had to send Him down, so He could lay a good example for you, and shed His blood as a redemption for your soul. I Am the Almighty God. Every work I do is perfect because I Am a Perfect Father. In Me, there is no fault.

I sent My Son to this Earth to lay a good example, an example how I want My children to live their lives. He came, lived like ordinary human being, yet, He’s My Son, your Saviour. Every work He did, He did it in Me. Every life He lived, He lived it in Me. I Am a Holy God and holiness is all I desire. I created human beings because I wanted to create Myself. The angelic being inside your body is powerful and that Spirit is more important to Me. Because of the importance of your Spirit, this was why I sent My Son to die. If you live your life according to the pattern of this world, then you’re not living My life. That wasn’t the life My Son lived. He lived His life contrary to the world. This was why they hated Him and killed Him.

This is the life I want all of you to live; holiness, simplicity, generosity, kindness, loving, forgiving, merciful, all these are the attribute of the life I want you to live. This is the kind of life that will bring you to Heaven. But what kind of life are you living? You love the world more than Me. You love your own ways more than My ways. You call yourself My son, My daughter, yet, you break My Laws and Ordinances for this Earth. Are you still coming to Me? You should ask yourself this question. No matter how long you chew a piece of meat in your mouth, you will eventually swallow it. This is how this Earth is. No matter how sweet the Earth may be for you, you will eventually leave one day. Good for you! If you fail to live My life, you’re on your own. You’re not coming to Me!

My Emphasis

A car, no matter how expensive and beautiful it may be, if the manufacturer fails to add a manual to it, it’s incomplete. Every soul on this Earth is incomplete without the Word of the Father either you believe in Him or not. The Word of God is a manual for every soul either we like it or not. We’re all God’s children. God owns all of us. But not all are going to Him except those who pass through the right channel which is Jesus Christ our Lord.

The life of the Father is the life every child of God should live. This is the only way peace can surround us wherever we go. Though the world is full of many things which the carnal mind calls enjoyment, but we live a restricted life, a life that is rooted in the Word of the Father, God’s kind of life. The Father has carved out another world through His Son, an earthly kingdom for His children who’re willing to come to Him. Every other life out of it is a taboo. We’re to live peacefully in this earthly kingdom under the umbrella of the Almighty until we return back to Him.

Though we live in this world, we’re to live as those who don’t belong here. Every life we life, everything we do should be done in the fear of the Father. This was the life our Lord lived. No matter how we live, we can never attain that perfection that the Father requires from us, yet, we must keep striving to please the Father every day. This was why the Saviour declared in Mark 10:18 that, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone.” And He summed it up in Matthew 5:48 that, “Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

My Task For Today

1) I will lay aside every life that’s not the life of the Father.
2) I will ask Holy Spirit to remove every hindrance from my way.
3) I will live and dwell daily on the Word of God.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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