11th June 2018

Payment For Sin

Word From The Father

A twelve-year-old boy woke up one morning and told his mother how he felt in his body, that he felt like laying with a woman. The mother didn’t know what to say to him and took him to her pastor. If the pastor didn’t know what to do, he would be the one to complete the work of destruction which Satan has just started in the life of that boy. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator.

A child doesn’t appear out of a thin air, somebody must give birth to him. How is life would be rest on those who gave birth to him. Many things I hid in the time of hold, not because I was wicked, but I hid such things for your own good. You don’t speak about everything because I know what I created. If a young boy is feeling this way and he’s not up to the age of getting married, then you have to run around him quickly because Satan wants to send him on errand, errand to destruction.

Demons don’t wait too long anymore, they quickly lead their victims to a land of no return. All of you take everything for granted. If your own son has such feelings, what will you do? Will you ask him to go and marry when he’s not matured? Or will you ask him to pick a girl and destroy her life like the people of this Earth? The poor boy is suffering the seed you planted! How did you give birth to him? Were you married? Did you defile yourselves before marriage? If you’re not married or you defiled yourself before marriage, then you’re the first person to be delivered before the boy.

Every Law I gave all of you to follow, I gave it for various reasons. You cannot eat your cake and have it. I Am the Almighty God. Every work I did is perfect, and nobody can fault Me. If you sow evil seed, it will germinate and produce evil fruits. You and your generation will eat and enjoy it. If you open your heart to the truth of My Word, you’ll know where you’ve missed it and the kind of help you’ll quickly seek for your son. As it happens to a young boy, so also to a young girl. Through this all of you will know there is a reward in keeping yourself. The spirit of sexual immorality goes a long way because it affects your Spirit, soul and body. This is the door to every other sins.

My Emphasis

If you look at the body of Christ today, everything is wrong. The seed that Lucifer planted in the Garden of Eden has germinated and continually produce enormous fruits upon fruits. If you gather young adults together, about a thousand of them, if you interview them one after the other concerning this issue, what you’ll hear from each of them is alarming.

A child that is properly cared for needs God’s grace to be a better child how much more the one that’s thrown to the street. The more single mothers multiply in the society, the more demons the society will breed for the day of war. Every Law of the Father must be treated with all severity, else, Satan will take advantage of the weak and lead him to the path of destruction.

If parents themselves are ungodly, how do you expect their children to be godly? Can serpent produce chicken or turtledove produce lizard? Not at all! Parents will only produce children after them. Satan has his own way of rewarding each person for his action. Not only through sexual immorality, but because through it life comes out, this is why he uses this strategy to destroy people most of the time.

Back in Nigeria, churches have gone into the business of universities. They forgot that such institution is very expensive to run. And for them to be able to maintain it on a longer term, the tuition fees must be of world standard or else somebody somewhere must subsidise it. This is why all the universities are too expensive for a common man to send his child to. They forgot that every institution of the Father is spiritual, not physical. And if such earthly institution is not properly followed with godly wisdom, you will end up opening an avenue for Satan to capture the children of the Father because if any child from ungodly home enters such university, he will be the one that Satan will use in polluting other innocent children.

Sin goes a very long way and those who understood it among the people of old, who have committed grievous sins didn’t marry, so that their offspring wouldn’t live to suffer the consequence of their sins. But Christ has redeemed us through His blood and death, so that we could have a second chance and live to mend our wrongs while we’re still alive. Praise God. Hallelujah!

My Task For Today

1) I will not use my hands to destroy my blessings.
2) I will wait upon the Father and allow His Spirit to lead me in every area of my life.
3) I will constantly ask for mercy so that Jesus Christ could straighten my crooked path.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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