11th August 2018

Holiness Is The Key

Word From The Father

Any man can preach whatever he likes! All I know is that no one will dethrone Me. And because no on will dethrone Me, no one will also dethrone My Word. I formed the Earth in holiness and holiness it shall return. Anyone who calls himself My servant who teaches My children how to inherit this Earth, I will use him and his children as example of calamity. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Rock, the Rock of Ages. I Am the Oldman. I Am the Originator. Nobody can use his education to destroy My Word. No matter how educated you think you are, I will bring you down.

You gather millions of My children together, what are you teaching them? You’re teaching them that wealth is good, so they can continue to steal. My anger will sweep all of you away. When I brought My Son, did you read it anywhere that He said people should bring money to build castles? Did you read it anywhere that He said people should bring money to tar the road to Nazareth? Did you read it anywhere that He said people should bring money to build a church? When He fed the five thousand people, where did He feed them? In an open field! What are you teaching My children? If I give you opportunity to repair yourself, so you wouldn’t lose My throne and you misuse the opportunity, sorry for you. You’ll join the rest of My heroes like you who failed to listen to My Word.

Many of My heroes are lamenting in Hellfire. They’re saying how they wish they could have another chance to come back here and preach the truth. You cannot have another chance! The opportunity I gave to you, how did you do it? All of you are saying I Am not a wicked Father. Who told you! Are you the one that created wickedness? Is it your father that created wickedness? I Am a Wicked Father! Yes, I Am the Almighty God and I Am a Wicked Father. I created wickedness because of children of disobedience like you. No matter how much I love you, if you failed to listen to My Word here on this Earth, you’re going to where I will show you that I Am a Wicked Father. There, you’ll not see fire, but worms will eat you everyday because you started the wickedness and I concluded it for you.

All of you are foolish! When your Saviour came to this Earth, what did He say? My Father, My Father, My Father. I Am His Father. He is My Son. When your own father gave birth to you, is this how you were? You were a little baby until you grew up and became adult. So is My Son Jesus. On this Earth, all of you came from Adam. But did Adam give birth to you by himself? Somebody he gave birth to also gave birth to your forefathers, and your forefathers also gave birth to you. It’s a chain. All of you are foolish! My Son have His own family too. He is the First among My children. I gave birth to Him, and He too gave birth to others before it reached your own turn. I Am the Almighty God. I Am revealing Myself to all of you now.

I gave birth to Lucifer. He’s My son. He has his own family too. Because He disobeyed Me, this was why I drove all of them out of My Kingdom to this Earth. And because of his anger, he deceived Eve through whom everything in the Garden was destroyed. Because of sin, this was why I sacrificed My Son Jesus for all of you, so that you can come back to Me. If all of you are not important to Me, why should I kill My Son? All of you have no brain at all.

Yes, the whole Earth is Mine. You will eat, you will live, but everything you’ll do must be done in My will. If you acquired what I didn’t give to you, you must return it back to wherever you brought it from before you can come to Me. If you marry counterfeit wife and produce counterfeit children, you must return them back to wherever you brought them from. If you acquired counterfeit wealth, you must return it back to wherever you brought it from before you can come to Me. Any counterfeit you acquired, you must return it back to wherever you brought it from before you can come to Me. I Am the same God of Old. My Word will not return to Me empty. Anybody can preach whatever he likes, but he’s coming back to Me and I’ll pay him back big time.

The few among you who want to come to Heaven should know there’s no any other route apart from holiness. You cannot take shortcut! You must pass through the main gate! Holiness is the key to the gate of Heaven. This is why all of you must drop every nonsense in your hands and purge your heart. Prepare yourself every day by day because you’ll die one day. And if you die, I will receive your soul if you meet the criteria. Even before you die, the Earth will give you and your generation peace. I Am the Almighty God.

My Emphasis

Before Satan can hijack the heart of a man, he must first of all make him forget death and where he’s going. Hellfire is dark to everybody because the Father wants it to be so. As you believe in Heaven by faith, so also you must believe in Hellfire faith. I’ve heard some people said the Father cannot be so wicked to send His children to Hellfire. Who told you? All of you should go back to the Old Testament and see how the Father said they should kill those who committed sin. It was very gruesome! It was the same judgement that rubbed Jesus Christ. One of the Laws the Father gave them was to kill any Prophet who wants to take them away from the path the Father placed them, one of the accusations they laid against Jesus Christ. But the Father wanted Him to die, and He died. End of story!

It is a dangerous thing to know the right direction and lead people to the wrong one. In fact, anyone who does this is an apostle of Lucifer. He is working for Lucifer his father. Right from the beginning, the Father hasn’t stopped using His servants to proclaim holiness because holiness alone will give the Earth peace. In a situation where everywhere turns upside down and those who supposed to give the children of the Father direction continually exploit their weakness, then there is danger.

Holiness is the key! It is written long time ago that the soul that commit sin shall die. This death may not result into instant judgement, but eternal death in Hellfire. Every sin a man committed in his life time lives with him until he enters grave. The percentage of sin in him, when compared with holiness will determine his next destination. This is why you must eliminate every spirit of sin in you to the minimal before you leave this Earth. One thing is sure, if Hellfire doesn’t exist, Jesus Christ wouldn’t have taught about it. And if you don’t believe in the Word of Jesus Christ, what about the testimony of men and women who had the revelation of that horror place? You must believe it my dear friend.

It is better not to eat than to eat and vomit it. As a Christian, every food of sin you’ve eaten, vomit it now. If you fail to vomit it here, you’ll vomit it there, and you know where I’m talking about. Many heroes of the Father, many servants of the Father died, and the Father couldn’t stop them from going there. Right now, they’re lamenting everyday because of their pains. These were men and women of God who were celebrated by the people of this Earth. These were men and women of God who took the position of the Almighty Father in the lives of His children. Many of them preached what they understood as the truth, but when they died, Heaven spat them away like saliva.

My beloved friend, weigh every word you hear. Any message that’s not about repairing yourself is not of the Father. The Father gave birth to you and doesn’t want His Spirit in you to waste. This is why He’s tormenting me everyday to send this message to you. I am not holy, but every day by day, I’m getting closer to where the Father wants me to be. Anyone who wants to preach the message of holiness in this generation, if Heaven doesn’t back him up, he’ll become a prey to the demons. Therefore, as you’re reading the message every day, do accordingly. Every sin you committed is like using rope to tie yourself. You can untie yourself only with your own mouth. Open your mouth and disgrace yourself as you confess every sin you’ve committed. Jesus Christ said, if you’re ashamed of Him, He too will be ashamed of you when the time comes. I pray that your soul will receive the light of Jesus Christ, so that darkness won’t lead you to the land of jackals in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father and Jesus Christ for mercy everyday.
2) I will confess my sin willingly and will not wait for anyone to force me.
3) I will pursue holiness everyday because I know this is the only key to Heaven.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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