10th September 2018

The Power Of Sin - Abraham

Word From The Father

When I called Abraham, it was very hard for him because he hasn’t seen such thing before. I set fire into his heart for him to know I was the One speaking to him. I gave him no peace because I wanted him to do My work for Me. Most time, I didn’t allow him to sleep. I would speak to him throughout the whole night. He was alone, nobody has experienced such thing before. Therefore, he had no example to follow. This was why I gave him greater grace in the journey. This was why I pardoned him all the mistakes he made because he made series of mistakes. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. None is My equal. I Am the Great Judge. I Am the Great Deliverer.

Out of unrighteousness came righteousness and out of righteousness came unrighteousness. This was the case of Abraham. When I overlooked his sin and called him out of his father’s house, and I established My Covenant of holiness with him, he still went ahead to defile My Ordinance. If I promised you something, you must wait solely for Me to prove Myself because I will never swallow My Word. Any other blessing that came during the journey apart from the one I promised you is a counterfeit. I Am the Almighty God.

If many of My servants want to preach about Abraham, they always capitalize on the good ones, blessing. Why can’t they capitalize on the mistakes he made, so that My children can learn from them? I promised him a son, not children. I told him I would make him father of many nations. I only established My Covenant with him and Isaac was the heir of the Covenant. What about other children he had, even after Ishmael? They all became opposition to My work. I Am the Almighty God. None of My servants is with Me, so I could pour the pains of My heart to them, so they can teach My children. I Am a merciful Father. However, if I promised you anything and you allowed evil to mingle with whatever I promised you, you and your generation will live to enjoy the consequence of your action.

After the death of Sarah, what did he do? He went ahead and married other wives and gave birth to many children. What became of the children? Did you hear anything about them in the Bible? They all became opposition to My Covenant. Any opportunity you give to Satan, he’ll not hesitate to use it for his own selfish advantage. He has no power over you, but all of you empower him through the sin you’re committing every day. If I promise you anything, whatever comes out of it is your own making, the making of the spirit of sin in you.

When he had other children, this was why he didn’t have time for the children of Isaac, the heirs of the promise. Jacob and Esau knew him as their grandfather, but he didn’t have time for them so much to teach them all I’ve taught him. This was why Satan could sow evil seed into their blessings. All of you should learn from the mistakes of the past. The grace I gave to Abraham, none of you can have such grace because you have many examples around you from which you can learn.

My Emphasis

Abraham heard the voice of the Lord, and he said here I am send me. This was a song that many of you have sang several times in your life. The Bible called him the father of faith. In the course of his life, many things happened which weren’t written in the Bible. His obedience to the command of the Father covered all his numerous mistakes.

Abraham’s blessings are mine, Abraham’s blessings are mine; I am blessed in the morning, I am blessed in the evening; Abraham’s blessings are mine. This is another song that some of you might have sang before. Blessing, blessing, blessing! No one could pray that what happened to Abraham should happen to him or her. Yet, you all want his blessings.

When the Father called him out of unrighteousness and he made him righteous, where did unrighteousness came from again? It came from his righteousness! Yes, he made it to Heaven because of the Covenant the Father made with him. However, the Earth is still suffering from the mistakes he made, and the Father is not happy about it because He had to divide His Kingdom on Earth into two because of his mistake. It became a pain in the heart of the Father.

When the Father called him, he was called for holiness. When he made mistake with Ishmael, then the other children, especially from Keturah, if the Father had laid curse on him because of that, it will affect the children of Isaac as well. Many of you are praying that the Father should act. If the Father acts, won’t you call Him a wicked Father? If you throw a stone in the market, do you know who’ll suffer the pain of the stone you throw? It’s very easy to read about other people’s lives. The Father wants each and everyone of us to learn, so that we too will not fail where they failed. This was why He allowed all these stories to be written down until some people pile it together and called it the Bible.

As a child of God, washed in the blood of the Lamb, the Father may not promise you categorically as He promised Abraham. However, because of the Covenant He made with him, through which you become heir of the Covenant through Jesus Christ, then the Father also made a Covenant with you. What kind of Covenant? He made a Covenant of holiness with Abraham and his generation. Through Jesus Christ our Saviour, the Father made the same Covenant with you. Therefore, search your own life and make sure you don’t fail where Abraham failed. Remove every unholy seed planted in you. In fact, not only a seed, the seed has become trees, and you must uproot all these evil trees, so that nothing will obstruct your vision in this journey you’ve embarked on. There’s no turning back and you must finish it in crook and hook. I pray that the enormous grace be given to you, so you can end well in Jesus name.

My Task For Today

1) I will learn from the mistakes of father Abraham.
2) I will wait for the promise of the Father no matter how long it takes.
3) I will give no room for Satan to sow evil seed into the blessings the Father has given to me.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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