10th October 2018

Let There Be Joy

Word From The Father

I know my Father. I know what my Father can do. I know my I Am That I Am. He is my Creator. He is my Father. He knows me by name. Before I was born, He was the One that ordered my existence. I do not exist by myself, I exist through Him and by Him. He is the life I live. He is the reason for my living. There’s nothing He cannot do. No matter what happens to me, I have the assurance that He’ll neither leave me nor forsake me. Even if I don’t see Him, I know He’s there watching me. Even in the midst of my troubles, in the midst of my affliction, I still know He’s there because He will never allow what’s more than me to come my way. There’s no situation He cannot handle. He owns all powers. This is the testimony I want from all My children. I Am the Almighty God. The Great Redeemer is My name. No power supersedes My power. I Am the Owner of every power. I never afraid of anybody. I Am a Consuming Fire.

Many of you don’t know Me. You don’t know Me, and you don’t know what I can do. If you please Me, if your hands are clean, I can destroy a whole nation because of you alone. I can cause famine in the land because of you. I can reposition mountains because of only you. Why? Because you do My will. If you know Me and what I can do, you will full for joy every day. No matter any circumstance you find yourself, you will rejoice everyday because you have Me.

I Am a Joyful Father, I Am not a sorrowful Father. I want you to rejoice in Me always. Even if you’re dying, still put your trust in Me. Put your trust in Me because if I allow you to die, you’re coming to Me. However, let your hands be clean. Remove every sin far away from you. I know nobody is holy like Me, but you must remove every trace of sin far away from you.

Let your heart be joyful always. A joyful heart overcomes every hurt. A joyful heart overcomes every pain. How can you be joyful if you don’t believe in your Father? How can you be joyful if you only serve Me with your mouth, not with your heart? How can you be joyful when you’re not truthful to yourself? A joyful heart has peace every time. If your heart is always full of sorrow, you’ll be older than your age in no time. Why should you be sorrowful? Because you love the things of this Earth! If you love Me, if you love My throne, you’ll know how to forget about the worries of this Earth.

Many of you don’t believe in Heaven, you’re only serving Me for serving sake. If you know the place I prepared for all of you, you’ll wake up every morning to say thank You Father. The most beautiful place on this Earth cannot be compared with the lowest place in Heaven. I Am the One that created them both. In the beginning, I didn’t declare Heaven open. When My Son ascended back to Me, this was when I declared it open. If you don’t believe in Heaven, that means you don’t believe in Me. If you believe in Me, then you believe in Heaven. If you don’t believe in Heaven, then you don’t believe in the Earth. And if you don’t believe in the Earth where you live, which name will people call you? A mad man! Therefore, Heaven existed long before this Earth. The Earth will soon melt away, but My Heaven will remain. Let your heart full for joy every time. Remember Me always and remember My Son whom I slaughtered for you. Every time you remember Me and My Son, let your heart burst for joy always.

My Emphasis

As laughter drives away sorrow, so also a joyful heart drives away pains. The Spirit of joy is a Spirit of life, but the spirit of sorrow is a spirit of death. The Bible says in the Book of Proverbs 15:13 that, “A joyful heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.” The Bible says again in the same Book of Proverbs 17:22 that, “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.”

When the Father created Adam and Eve, He meant everything for good. If a man is with his wife and children, his heart is full of joy every time. But somebody hates what’s good. This was why he fought against the first family. In a home where there’s separation, everything never remains the same again. Family is the root of joy and peace.

A child always put his trust in his father. He neither thinks nor bothers himself of anything because he knows his father will meet all his needs. This is why children are always happy. This is the kind of life the Father wants us to live. The Father wants us to have assurance in Him. No matter what we’re passing through, He wants us to be proud of Him that He’s there for us.

Joy in my soul, joy in my soul. Though I may have no power to do anything, though I may have no strength at all, but because I have a Father who’s greater than every power, therefore, I will let His joy fill my soul always.

Hallelujah rejoice, hallelujah rejoice. Jehovah is the King of Heaven and Earth. His Son has triumph over every power of darkness. With His blood He bought us freedom, with His pains He bought us healing, when I remember all these, my heart will burst for peace and joy. I will rejoice in my Saviour and my Father. Hallelujah praise the Lord.

When the torrent of death overshadows you, when life seems hopeless, let the joy of the Father give you strength. Both darkness and light are created by the Father, each for different purpose. As none have power over the Father, so also none should have power over we His Inheritance. Therefore, be joyful, I say be joyful always.

My Task For Today

1) I will learn to be joyful always.
2) I will not allow the torrent of life to destroy my joy and cut off the means of communication between me and my Father.
3) I will not hold on to anything of this Earth because I know I do not belong here.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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