10th November 2018

Making A Good Home

Word From The Father

If you have identical triplets, you only call them identical triplets, but I know if they’re truly identical or not. There’s no human being that’s identical to another because I Am the Source of every life. Though they may look alike in the physical, but the spiritual is what counts. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Good Father and Husband.

If you take a good look at two brothers from the same womb, their character is different how much more a man and a woman from different family. This is why I always stress on compatibility. If you’re compatible, somebody is there who always seek for your downfall how much more when you’re incompatible. If you’re incompatible, you’re in a great trouble without you realising it.

If I join you together, nobody can separate you unless both of you. Even Satan cannot separate you no matter how he tries because I will always stand for you. As husband and wife, it takes patience, forgiveness, perseverance, endurance, and above all love to live together peacefully because of the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden. There are many factors that fight against marriages everyday. You must understand that both of you are from different families. The way both of you were brought up are different. This is why it’s very important for you to have My knowledge early, so that you will know how and where to place your feet.

Each one of you must understand what it takes to please Me. Without you pleasing Me in the first place, you cannot please each other. If the way of a man pleases Me, everything will work in his favour. If you do My will, why won’t I do yours? If your heart is for Me, everything will work smoothly for you. Satan will always look for how to sow discord between you, but your knowledge of My Word will help you conquer. Both of you must know the weakness of each other and know the best way to care for each other. The fact that you’re compatible, the fact that I joined you together doesn’t mean there will not be a disagreement between you. But if there’s one, you must know how to quickly resolve it without any major problem at all.

I Am the Almighty God and the Owner of every Spirit. The fact that I joined both of you together matters a lot. If Satan passes through any of you to cause trouble, I will pass trouble the other one to bring solution. This is the journey. I Am the Almighty God and I see through the heart. If your heart is saddened, I know why it’s saddened, and I have the solution in My hands. But the most important thing, don’t put law into your hands. Vengeance is Mine all the time. No matter what goes wrong, always give Me chance to do My work. This is why I said nobody can separate you unless both of you, not even Satan.

All of you must not be ignorant of the devices of Satan. The more you live together, the more your Spirit enters each other. And if Satan wants to use another person’s Spirit against any of you, both of you will know because My light will shine upon your Spirit. But the worst you can do to yourselves is to take My revelation for granted. That means you don’t value Me. And if anything happens to you, you’ll manage whatever you see.

Your blessing is tied to your marriage. This is why you must get it right in the first place. If you get it wrong, you still have the opportunity of a second chance only if you surrender your heart to Me. I know what to do and how to do it. Above all, let My fear be in your heart. This is the only way the second chance can work for you even if I give it to you.

My Emphasis

The blessing of every man is tied to his marriage and if he chooses the wrong person, this will affect the rest of his life. As it is for a man, so also for a woman. For any man to have a successful marriage in this present age, he must have enough wisdom and the knowledge in the Word of the Father.

Many factors work against marriage, incompatibility is on the top. Even if the fear of the Father is in your heart, the primary enemy of marriage will always come to you. The only way you can conquer him is your knowledge in the love of the Father and the Spirit of holiness in you. As long you’re human being, and because of what and who you stand for, he will always come to you. This is why as a godly couple, both of you must be able to discern when the enemy creeps in, so that through your prayers, you can conquer the power of darkness.

As a couple, it takes patience, forgiveness, perseverance, endurance, and above all love to conquer the enemy of marriage, which is the enemy of life. Whenever the negative spirit creeps in, you must always use the Word of the Father to fight. We live in a world where opposite sex relates with each other anyhow, yet, this doesn’t change how the Father looks at it at all. What is not good is not good, and what is an abomination is an abomination. Satan is clever and knows what to do to destroy the children of the Father at all cost. It is very important to know your limit whenever you’re around opposite sex, especially the unmarried, else, Satan will waste no time to destroy your life.

If you look behind you and you cannot see anyone that has a happy home amongst your loved ones, you must be very careful how you play your own game, so that the chain of evil that pulls your siblings will not pull you also. If you have a happy home by the grace of the Father and you’re the only one that’s lucky to have such grace, count yourself lucky. If you fail to value and appreciate this grace, your own case will be worse than others. Ignorance is a silent killer and if the Father gave you grace by having adequate knowledge of His Word, you mustn’t joke with such a lifetime opportunity.

Any man who wants to have a good life will value his marriage. If you don’t value your marriage, then you don’t value your life. Above all, godly marriage cannot be compared with worldly marriage because the Father is the foundation of it. It takes time to lay the foundation of whatever is good. Once this foundation is laid and very solid, the coming generation will build on it. This is why the Father always takes His time to deal with whoever He chooses. I pray for you this day that Jehovah God who instituted marriage will carry you through and always guide and guard your home from every intruder in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will appreciate the Father for given me a happy home.
2) I will let the Word of the Father be the rock of my marriage.
3) I will not allow ignorance and worldly ambition to stand in the way of my marriage, else, Satan will creep in and destroy what’s good.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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