10th May 2018

Purge My Church

Word From The Father

If I want to deal with any nation, I always start with one man. And through that man, My message will get to the whole nation. I don’t deal with multitude. Whoever I choose will pass through many afflictions, but I will be with him until the end because of My children. I will guide and shield him, so he could finish the journey. He will suffer for My sake, but I will reward him greatly because through him My message got to My children. I Am the Almighty Father. I Am a loving and caring Father.

If I used one man to establish a church, he would live to obey Me and deliver My message as I gave it to him. However, after his departure from this Earth, those who didn’t know where and how I dealt with him will gather together to destroy all I used him to accomplish. I have used many men to establish many churches. Where are the churches today? All of you have destroyed them. All of you have destroyed all the Ordinances I gave to My servant through whom I established the church.

I Am a Holy Father and every work I do is holy. If I call any man and send him on errand, it’s all about holiness, not because of the things of this Earth. All of you love the wages of unrighteousness through which you destroy My handwork. Yet, all of you claim you’ve given your lives to My Son. If truly you’ve given your life to My Son, what happened to My Laws and Ordinances. The Law was there before My Son came; and when He came, He didn’t destroy My Law. But today, all of you have put your hands into sin and you cannot turn back.

Purge yourselves and purge My church. Time wait for nobody! Purge yourselves. If you purge yourselves, you automatically purge My church. All of you know what I want but you’re not doing it. Take not My silence for foolishness. I laugh! My son, tell them they should not take My silence for foolishness because they don’t know Me, and they don’t know what I can do. If they know what I did to many of My children like them in the time of old, they will have My fear. Remove every abominable act away from your midst and pray to Me, and I will heal you. All of you are sick right now and you need healing, including your pastors. They are the head of evil! Come out of dirtiness into My realm of peace. If you love peace, if you love your life, purge yourself because none of you can stand My anger.

My Emphasis

Christianity is the dealing of Holy Spirit with the Spirit of a man. When Holy Spirit takes over the heart of a man, his life never remains the same again. The old Christians always weep whenever they’re praying. Why? Because of their sins! They constantly ask for mercy than blessing from the Lord. Any Christian who understands what it takes to serve the Father will always plead for mercy. The church today is a dead church because Satan has invaded everywhere.

The Father declared in the Book of Joel 2:13 that, ““Rend your heart and not your garments.” Now return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, abounding in lovingkindness and relenting of evil.”” Holiness is a pattern of life in the Spirit which oozes out like the saint of a perfume. If you spray a nice and beautiful perfume on your body, whoever comes close to you will know that you smell nice. You didn’t broadcast to anyone that you sprayed perfume on your body. The scent sells you out wherever you go. For instance, I don’t introduce myself to people wherever I go, but the word I speak always introduce me. That is how holiness is. Holiness doesn’t speak, but everybody feels Him wherever His host is.

If you love the Father, you love yourself because the same Father you’re serving is inside you. If you live a holy life, you don’t do the Father good but yourself because only holiness will lead you to your right destination.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask Holy Spirit to reveal to me any area I’m not doing it right.
2) I will not destroy the handwork of the Father, instead, I will help in repairing it.
3) I will constantly ask for mercy because of my past numerous sins.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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