10th March 2018

Broken Covenant

Word From The Father

What is a covenant? It’s a promise and a word of mouth, yet, it’s very powerful. When I made My Covenant with Abraham, I fulfilled it. He held on to My promise, though Satan deceived him, but I fulfilled it. If I made a Covenant with anyone, no matter how long it takes, I would fulfil it. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Covenant Keeping God.

When I locked up the womb of Hannah, she made a covenant with Me before I could release the boy to her. I have already designed her womb to carry My Prophet, but she was in a wrong marriage, with a man who had another wife. When she couldn’t bear the shame and humiliation any longer, she made a covenant with Me. When I looked into her heart, I saw she meant it, that she would return My son back to Me. When she fulfilled her part of the bargain, I also released more children to her as compensation for the one she gave back to Me. Any womb that carries My servant is a blessed womb.

When Jephthah made a covenant with Me, I didn’t ask him. He willingly made unreasonable covenant and Satan directed the feet of his only daughter to be used as sacrifice. He fulfilled the word of his mouth because he wouldn’t hold back his promise. In the time of old, when anyone made a promise, he made sure he fulfilled it because he knew the Spirit that guides spoken word.

Many of you made covenant with Me, after I fulfilled My own part of the bargain, you turned your back on Me because you’ve got what you wanted. I Am not a wicked Father. I didn’t ask you to promise Me anything because everything is Mine, but the word of your mouth will stand against you if you fail to fulfil your promise. This is the reason why many of you are being afflicted, because you broke your covenant.

My Emphasis

If you promise somebody anything, his heart will be in whatever you promise him. If you fail to fulfil your promise, you’ll become a liar. This is a promise to a man, how much more the Almighty God. Hannah fulfilled her part of the bargain, and God released His blessing upon her.

The blessing of God adds no sorrow. Many of us made a covenant with God that if He could do a particular thing for us, we would offer Him thus and thus. Unfortunately, after we’ve got what we wanted, we forget the covenant we made with the Father. The covenant hereby became broken. We made the covenant, and we also broke it ourselves.

The Father is faithful! If we think back and realise where we’ve missed it, He will surely guide us out of affliction and give us another chance. God cannot be mocked; whatever we sow we shall reap. It is better to strive to live right so that Satan wouldn’t hold our blessing into ransom that would result in making unreasonable covenant.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness if I fall into this category.
2) I will renew the covenant I made, so that the Father will rebuke affliction for my sake.
3) I will hold on to the Word of the Father and allow Him to have His way in every area.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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