10th July 2018

Whose Life Do You Live

Word From The Father

I created individual and give them their own life. I didn’t create one to live another person’s life. If you find yourself in this situation, you know where you come from. I Am the Almighty God. I mingle not one Spirit with another. If I do, I commit sin. I, the Owner of the Law will not break it. If I break it, this Earth will collapse in a second. All of you can only imitate My handwork. I want to see if you can create anything of your own. Then I will know you have power. I Am the Almighty God. I Am The Great I Am That I Am. I Am The Breeze that controls the entire universe. Nobody knows where I come from. I formed Myself. I existed by Myself. None is My equal. I Am All-In-All.

All of you have polluted yourself so much and polluted your children. You’re producing evil children everyday and you’re happy. But all of you call Me Father! The Father knows how many children He has. I know those who’re Mine! I created the Earth and everything in it. Everything I created is wonderful. If you look around you and what supposed to give you peace turned to snare in your life, you should know where you got it from.

I only allow you to try your power, to see how far all of you can go. Can anyone do Me evil? Can any of you harm Me? You can only harm yourself. I created he and she. I neither create she and she nor he and he. If you have such in your family, you know where you got it from. And anyone who calls himself My servant who cannot differentiate between righteousness and unrighteousness, who cannot differentiate between good and evil, I will use him and his generation as example of evil, example of calamity and destruction. Whatever I call an abomination will forever remain an abomination. None of you can use your education to change what I created long time ago.

I Am saying it this morning because I know that many of you in the church fall to this category. And no matter how much you serve Me, no matter the amount of service you render to Me, you’re going straight to Hellfire. I do not speak with one corner of My mouth. I speak in a plain language for all of you to understand. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am The Mighty Man In Battle. I Am The Man of War. If you see yourself completely different from how you should be, even if the law of your land condones it, you’re going straight to Hellfire because you’re among those who’re polluting the Earth.

Jehovah is My name! I hate witchcraft. I hate homosexuals and lesbians. I hate producing children without or outside marriage. If you belong to any of this category, you’re an abomination to this Earth. All of you should come and challenge Me. My wrath will fall on all of you because you’re evil. Seek for help immediately because I Am coming. Live your own life and stop living another person’s life. I created you with good Spirit, which is My Spirit. If you have any other spirit, ask your parents and they’ll tell you where you came from. I Am not a wicked Father. Evil is an abomination to Me.

With your witchcraft power, you’re changing the sex of unborn baby. Do you know how I created it? Because you cannot change the Spirit of that unborn baby with your power, you can only manipulate with the body. What do you think you’ve done? You cause confusion in the life of that child. Until both Spirit and body have the same nature, that’s when a man can behave as a man and a woman can behave as a woman. If you change the sex and the Spirit remains intact, how do you expect that child to behave like every other person? Because the spiritual controls the physical! If the Spirit of a child is of a male, and you’ve already changed the body to that of a female, how do you expect him to fall in love with a male because the Spirit in him is of a male? But all of you can only see the body! All of you are producing evil every day, polluting the Earth. And such kind of problem, nobody can find solution to it. All of you know what I did in the time of old. Do you think I just wiped off Sodom and Gomorrah? I will also wipe all of you away because you’re offspring of demons.

My Emphasis

Good beget good and evil beget evil. Both are in contrast to each other. The Earth is advancing in evil everyday and nobody knows why. If we’re facing all these challenges today, what will happen to the next generation? Even those who believe in God have doubts in their heart if truly there is God. There is God! His name is Jehovah! You cannot see Him, but He sees you. No matter how evil the Earth becomes, He is still in control. This was the reason He always wipe human beings off from the face of the Earth. He doesn’t have that patient, but He respects His Son, this is why He keeps silent. But for how long! Wait and see.

Everybody is celebrating abominations everywhere. This is why I pity the nations that claim they belonged to the Father and opened door to all manner of evil. Can they wait when the wrath of the Father comes? If you legalise evil in your land, how will you eradicate it? Which land can do what the Jews did when they came back from Babylon? For such land to have peace again, until it becomes desolate and the remnant populate it again. This is the only solution. A land cannot be desolate by the hand of any man, but by the hand of the Almighty alone. This is why I pity Europe and America because the Father counted on them, and they disappointed Him. I pity their children because they cannot smell what’s coming upon them. If they do, they’ll run and quickly seek for help.

If a land prospers in good, why should the Father destroy it? All of you are hearing that the Father wants to do something. If the Father keeps saying He wants to do something, it’s not what’s good. It’s a complete disaster! It’s something that will go down into history book. The impact will never be erased. All of you should put yourself in the position of the Father. If you’re the one that owns this Earth and your children go astray everyday by day, what will you do? If you acquired a large piece of land, cleared it and planted good seed, but when the time comes for harvest, you cannot see any fruit that’s good, what will you do? This is why the Father wants to act. No matter how world leaders gather together, they can never find solution to the problem of this Earth because the kind of solution the Father wants, no one can give Him. This is why things will scatter throughout the whole Earth until it becomes normal again after many years might have passed.

For those of you who have the fear of the Father I say, wash your robe everyday. Purify yourself with the blood of the Saviour. Prepare your heart for the Father. Though He tarries, He’ll surely appear. And if He appears, I pray and hope you’ll not partake from the cup of His wrath. Live the life which the Father has given you. Do not live another person’s life, a borrowed life, a life of demons. Live and dwell in the Father. Pour out your heart to Him everyday. May His grace abide with your soul. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will live the life the Father has given me in His fear.
2) I will not live another person’s life.
3) I will judge myself and check my Spirit everyday to know where I stand.
4) I will not put myself in contest with the Father because I know I can never win.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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