10th December 2018

What Is Your Work

Word From The Father

Nobody is useless. As long you’re human being on this Earth, nobody is useless. Though I didn’t create all of you the same, just as your fingers aren’t the same, so also, all of you aren’t the same. Every soul on this Earth has a distinctive assignment for Me to accomplish. This is why you mustn’t look down on anyone. No matter who you are, no matter your status, don’t look down on anyone. Value everybody! Appreciate one another because My Spirit is in everybody. My breath keeps all of you alive. I Am the Almighty God. I hate evil heart. Sin is an abomination to Me.

There are different kinds of professions on this Earth, and none is similar to the other. As somebody is a King, so also, somebody is a servant. If he says because he’s a King and looks down on his servant, then he should be ready to serve himself. A man who laboured to build his house will not do every work by himself. He needs other people to work for him. If he doesn’t value those who will help him to do his work, that means he’ll do every work by himself, and he’ll die before his time.

I Am the Almighty God and the Creator. Every work I did, I had people around Me who did it with Me. I reward everyone based on the capacity of his work. On this Earth, I have leaders everywhere to lead My children. A good leader will lead My children aright. If somebody is sick, somebody is also there to look after him so that he could get well in time. Whatever work I give you to do, do it judiciously without hurting anyone. Do it to glorify Me because from Me comes everything.

Everyone will be judged based on the kind of work I give him to do. If you’re a lawyer, you’ll be judged based on the cases that come your way. If you judge lies, you’ll be judged by the lies you stood for. If you value your life, you’ll stand for the truth. The only thing you could do as a lawyer is to plead for the accused so that the judge can reduce his sentence. Let the accused suffer for whatever offence he has committed so that Earth can have peace.

If you’re a doctor, you’ll be judged based on the patients that come your way. I didn’t choose you to be a doctor to destroy My handwork. I choose you to care for My children so that death will not take them away before their time. And if you join the bandwagon of those who choose to destroy My handwork because they’re looking for money, you’ll pay with your dare life. If a woman is pregnant and you help her remove the pregnancy, you’ll be rewarded for your evil because you’re a murderer. If somebody had an accident and you save his life, I’ll also reward you for it because you save My children. Whatever good or evil work you did, you’ll be rewarded for it.

If you’re a singer, you’ll be judged based on how many lives your song changed for better. If your song destroyed those who listen to it, you’ll be rewarded for it. It’s good to be a singer, but the kind of song you sing matters a lot. If you’re singing so that you can be enriched quickly, you know what that means. Fame and riches don’t come overnight, but gradually. Whatever I do, I do it perfectly, and everyone will know this is the finger of the Almighty. But if you destroy yourself because of what you want, you’ll end your life in sorrow.

As a cleaner, though everybody may look down on you, the kind of work you do cannot be done by everybody. Value yourself! Whichever way you’ll look after your own property, look after the place allocated for you to clean. Look after it properly because that’s where you’re feeding your family. Any work you do, as long you’re being paid, do it with all your heart. I will also reward you based on the way you render your service to others.

If you’re a leader in My house, you’re number one. I Am a Holy Father, and I choose you because of holiness. I choose you to lead My children to Heaven. Any word that comes out of your mouth must be the word of holiness, the word of encouragement. You’re to teach My children My Law and Ordinance, so they could know how to channel their feet. I will reward you greatly if you do a good job. If you also lead My children astray by making them feel comfortable in sin, you know what that means. I will reward you greatly, more than you can ever imagine. You’re an Apostle of holiness. Everything about you must be holy. Your appearance, your action, your word, everything must be holy because you carry My cup. You’re a solution giver. As I give to you, so also you must give to My children.

Whatever work I give you to do, do it with all your power. Do it as if your life depends on it. Do it as if you’re doing your own work. If you cannot look after somebody’s property, how can you look after yours? If you can look after yours and you cannot look after another person’s property, that means you’re a selfish man. Therefore, all of you should have a good heart towards one another and do everything to glorify My name.

My Emphasis

A baby is born, though he has legs, he cannot walk. He has mouth, but he cannot speak. He can do absolutely nothing for himself. But a time will come, when he’ll rise with his two legs and walk, not only walk, he can also run. That means there’s a time for everything. That baby will one day become an adult who will not depend on his parents anymore. He will seek for a job and find one. He’ll be able to look after himself and set up his own family and also look after them. This is how the Earth is. Whatever work the Father give you to do, do it with all your might because that’s your life.

If you’re a manager of a company, the Father is watching you how you deal with His children. Are you dealing with them the way you’ll deal with yourself? Whatever treatment you’ll not accept from anybody, don’t give it to others. Treat everyone with respect and dignity. The fact that you’re a manager and others are under you, draw your strength from the Master who came down to die for you. The Father loves a lowly heart, but He despised a proud heart.

Before the departure of the Master, while He was praying, He said in the Book of John 17:4 that, “I have glorified You on the earth. I have finished the work which You have given Me to do.” Every work the Father gave you to do, either you’re a spiritual leader, a world leader or a lowly cleaner, you’re to do it to glorify the Father. If the Master could lay down His life as a ransom for every soul, which is the hardest work to do, how much more the work you’ll do and make a living out of it.

Satan has blindfolded the children of men from seeing the reality of life. This is why selfishness is growing very rampant in the world, even inside the church. In the church, Christians envy each other because they cannot do what others do. Everybody cannot preach on the pulpit. Everybody cannot be a Sunday School teacher. Everybody cannot be a chorister. The Father apportioned it for the individual as He desired. Therefore, let jealousy, envy, hatred be thrown out of the door of the Father’s house so that Holy Spirit can move and bless the children of the Father.

Any work you do, as long the Spirit of the Father in you bears witness to it, then you must do it with all your strength. Don’t make your life miserable and make other peoples’ lives miserable as well. We live in a world where averagely you must work forty hours a week. That means you spend most of your waking hours at work. The remaining hours you have left is to travel and sleep. Therefore, value your life and the work you do.

To the leaders in the Father’s house, know it for sure you occupy the highest and the most dangerous office in this world. You must be very careful how you do the work apportioned to you. If you do it well, there is a great reward awaiting you. If you fail to do your own work with your might and strength, how will you teach your followers to do their work? Therefore, be careful the way you do the work of the Father. I pray for all of you that Jesus Christ will help you to please Him in every area so that you can live to glorify Him in everything you do in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will glorify the Father with whatever work I do.
2) I will do my work as if my life depends on it.
3) I will draw strength from the Master and be a good example for others to follow.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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