10th August 2018

Tread Gently And Carefully

Word From The Father

If you’re walking in a field full of landmines, you’ll tread gently and very carefully because you don’t know the exact spot where each mine is buried. Before you move each step forward, you’ll test the ground with the stick in your hand if the area is clear. If the area is clear, you’ll proceed. The Earth is a very big and dangerous place, full of spiritual mines. Unless you have someone to guide you through each step you take, you’ll misplace your foot. I Am the Almighty God. I Am The Mighty Man In Battle.

No matter how intelligent you think you are, you don’t know how weak you are until something happens. Your intelligence cannot guide you because you’re flesh. Every human being is prone to failure. Even if you think you’re wise, wait until you fail, then you’ll know you’re not wise but foolish. If you’re walking on a lonely road and you look at your front and back, right and left, you’ll see nobody because you’re all alone. But if I open your spiritual eyes, you’ll see many people walking on the same road with you. But physically, you’re alone. This is the Earth you live.

Before you do anything, you need to ask the Owner of the land. I Am the Owner! The whole Earth belongs to Me. You must ask Me before you do anything. The fact that you acquired a piece of land with your money doesn’t give you the audacity to do whatever you want. There is spiritual side of everything you own. If you purchased a piece of land from a man, the Spirits of the land must know and be sure that the land belongs to that man physically. And as My true child, the Spirits will alert Me that one of My children just purchased a piece of land. I will tell them to help you in whatever you want to do on the land, and they’ll give you peace. However, if the man that sold it for you isn’t the rightful owner of the land, there’s a chaos already. You will not have peace with whatever you do on that land because it’s a stolen property. For example, if the man who sold the land to you killed the rightful owner, either through physical or spiritual means, because blood is already involved, if you build a house on such land, calamity upon calamity will always befall you. This is why if any of you want to let a house, you must find out carefully who owns the house and how it was built. If you’re not getting the right information physically, pray to Me and sleep on your bed. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Revealer of Mysteries, and Ill reveal to you if the house is the right place for you to live.

What many of you should have done first, you did it last. This is why evil is befalling you. There are some houses, nobody supposed to live there because of the way it was built. They supposed to pull down such house. Any house that’s built on blood, whoever lives in such house will always lose his loved ones because of the house no matter how much he prays. Those of you who live in Europe don’t have too much problem like this because your own problem is different. If the owner of the house died through incurable illness, unless they atone for every property he left behind with the blood of My Son, whoever lives in that house is in trouble. This was the reason I asked them to will every property of the dead to the church, so that My servants could atone for them with the blood of My Son. Because all of you take everything for granted, this is why a lot of evil is befalling you.

Whatever you want to do, either to acquire any property or let a place to live, either to start your own business or seek for a job, seek My face before you do anything. I Am the Owner of every visible and invisible Spirits. What you can’t see is more than what you can see. For you not to fall a victim of ignorance, you must seek My face in everything. This is the only way the Earth will give you peace.

My Emphasis

There is a lot of misconception in the church based on the understanding of many servants of God. The coming of Jesus Christ doesn’t eradicate spiritual activities in the church. Christians today believe that as long you pray, everything is solved. But they forget they’re praying to Somebody and until He answers, nothing could be done. For example, Christians believe they can buy unclean animal in the market, plead the blood of Jesus on it and eat it. No! It doesn’t work like that because unclean will forever remain unclean.

Some of you could purchase a piece of land, built your house on the land and invite your Pastor to come and pray to the completed building. The Pastor as well who believes he’s working for himself will go ahead and pray. A true servant of God could get to such house and you’ll be disappointed what you’ll hear. If the state of the house doesn’t please the Father, He can instruct His servant to ask you to pull down the house. Then you’ll call a man of God a wicked man. Later on, if the house doesn’t give you peace, you’ll cry to the same wicked man of God to pray for you. This is how Christians make servants of God to commit sin.

Many Christians forgot that Jesus Christ didn’t come to the Earth on His own accord but came according to the will of the Father. Everything He taught, said and did were based on the instruction given to Him by the Father. If any trace of disobedience was found in Him, He wouldn’t have risen from the grave. And every Law the Father gave, no matter how much you plead the blood of Jesus Christ just to have your way, you’re only deceiving yourself. It will never work because the power of the blood only works with holiness, not with sin.

Some of you believe you’re okay living and doing things the way you normally do as long you’ve given your life to Jesus Christ. When the Father delivered His children out of Egypt, He gave them various Laws to abide by. But all these Laws still stand today except the blood sacrifice. Though we don’t offer animal as sacrifice anymore like the people of old because the Father has sacrificed Jesus Christ for us once and for all, but every other Law stands forever. And because Christians have departed from the path of the Father, this is why illness, problem, death is rocking the boat of the church. Until every Christian understand the fundamental will of the Father, things will continually get worse everyday.

Those among you who wants to know the truth should dig deep into the treasure of the Father’s Word. There lies the ultimate truth, truth that leads to eternal life. Through this truth you’ll know that the Earth belongs to the Father and nothing can be done out of His will. And whatever is done out of His will carries a penalty. My prayer for all of you is that the Father in His grace will open your heart to the understanding of His Word, so you can please Him. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will tread the ground gently and carefully.
2) I will not live my life out of the will of the Father.
3) I will not follow the decision of My heart because I know I am flesh.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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